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February 6, 2017

    The following, which I deemed appropriate for blogging and as edited and added to for further use, is my response to Professor Sheila Kennedy’s request for commentary to her blog today.

    So who is a radical? It’s a matter of perspective. Our colonial leaders with their brash talk of liberty and freedom were regarded as “radicals” by their royal overseers; Gandhi was a “radical” to the same overseers with his talk of Indian independence, and MLK was a “radical” by standards of those who still considered freed slaves as “property” and far from “equals,” as we will learn to our dismay if Sessions becomes our AG.

    I vividly recall years ago being in Williamsburg, Virginia, in a library full of colonial and revolutionary-era books and papers, a real historical trove. I read the front page of a London newspaper printed in 1777 that called for the redcoats in the colonies to capture the traitor to the Crown (George Washington) and hang him from the nearest tree. I broke out laughing to the admonishment of others in the quiet library as I considered how one man can be a traitor and the father of our country simultaneously, our only president who was ever voted to the office by acclamation.

    Bringing this down to present day realities and considering that under our democratic model Trump and all of our other representatives are to be overseen by the people, I (like the English in 1777) think that Trump’s outspoken worship of the murderous dictator Putin (for whatever reason, not excluding Trump’s business relationships with Russian banks and oligarchs) is a treasonous and/or seditious act or both in giving aid and comfort to the enemy, but (unlike the English) I am not in favor of hanging him. I will settle for his impeachment and dismissal from office, and the sooner the better, and if it should be subsequently determined that he committed such treasonous and/or seditious acts or others because blackmailed by Putin or for any other reason further investigation might disclose, and that such act or acts could call for criminal indictment, then I would favor letting the law take its course. He would not be inconvenienced in his real estate and branding businesses since I am sure he has the resources to make bail and stay out of jail pending the court’s decision on his guilt or innocence.

    Trump doesn’t seem to realize that all this is not about his narcissistic self but rather about our country; that endorsement of Putin as a “strong leader” and “to be respected” only encourages this murderer of his policial opponents, members of the media and others who dare challenge his dictatorial bent to expand his operations in the Ukraine and elsewhere, all to the nervous consternation of our European allies.

    Trump is the same guy who plays his national security card on every issue even if only vaguely related. I can think of no worse breach of Trump’s duty to provide for our national security than propping up a murderous dictator who for whatever reason is playing Trump like a drum and has  zero interest in our national security. Has Trump confused his loans and investments in and with Russia and Russians with our national security? Is that the reason, among others, that he will not show us his tax returns? Does he favor his bottom line over our national security?

    When does this confused narcissist understand that it is not me-me-me at stake here but rather us-us-us who are depending upon a president to look after our national security over his bottom line? You be the judge. I have made my judgment based upon many years as a lawyer in pre-trial discovery proceedings and have found that those who refuse to produce papers in response to a motion to produce are trying to hide something, so what is Trump hiding with his refusal to produce his income tax returns, his investments in tandem with Russian banks and oligarchs? Has our national security become secondary to his bottom line? When does this scam end? Though there is no designated procedure for this, maybe it is time for We the People (as Trump’s employers) to file a motion to produce. Let’s see the paperwork, Don.     GERALD        E


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