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February 9, 2017


Whether through ignorance or design or both Trump with his mouth and his tweets is making a mockery of the Constitution and presidential decorum, and Republicans who fear they will face primary opponents if they cross him are letting him get away with it. He has already committed so many impeachable acts that I have stopped counting. Most involve his continuing businesses not subject to blind trusts which are now being run by him and his family and surrogates in the Oval Office and nearby  with all the prestige of doing a business with a president available to those seeking to curry his favor in other areas, areas such as tax relief, less regulation and other areas inhabited by the profit animals.

So who, in addition to Trump with his disturbed mind, is the culprit in this toxic political dance? The culprits are the Republicans, who have decided to be Republicans first and Americans second or somewhere down the line. These Republicans will allow this man and his rich and greedy and/or ideological cabinet to abuse their authority for fear of political reprisal and this is just the beginning on the road to the transition from corporate welfare to corporate fascism and loss of our democracy.

With each passing day the Republicans  are allowing this man to maim America and our future with his mindless chatter about fences, putdowns of retailers, judges, Mexicans, NATO, et al., while praising Putin (a murdering dictator) as a “strong leader.” He even approves Putin’s annexation of the Crimea and has nothing to say about Putin’s continuing invasion of the Ukraine, practically inviting Putin to annex the Ukraine as well. So what’s next? With his putdown of NATO is he tacitly encouraging Putin to just finish the job and annex Europe while he is at it? Who can know how a disturbed mind works?

One has to wonder what Putin has on Trump in terms of Trump’s personal conduct while in Russia and/or whether Trump has large loans from Russian banks and oligarchs and other business associations in Russia which are the reasons he talks glowingly of Putin and refuses to project long standing American foreign policy in his capacity as president. If so, this would be the biggest conflict in history and would subject Trump not only to impeachment but criminal indictment.

So how can We the People know the truth underlying this worship of Putin and Trump’s refusal to implement our foreign policy toward Russia which we have had since Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech in 1947? We can know if Trump’s tax returns were made public, and how likely is that? Zero to none, and why not?

We can’t know because a House Republican committee chairman from Utah I heard say on TV that although his committee has the power to subpoena Trump’s income tax returns, he does not feel that it would be “appropriate.” What? I can hardly think of anything more “appropriate” than knowing if my country is being sold out and its people scammed by politicians of any party, especially by a guy like Trump, who may be putting his businesses ahead of his obligation to protect American interests in the world.

As I often blog, I was an American long before I was a Democrat, and my primary allegiance is to America and not to any party; I salute the flag and have defended that flag in WW II. I do not salute the flag or emblems of any political party. America is greater than the sum of its parts, far greater.

It appears that the Republican chairman places party over country just as are the rest of the Republicans who refuse to speak up for their country and instead succumb to the rantings of a disturbed man masquerading as president while selling his real estate and branding businesses. It is time to call a spade a spade> Benedict Arnold is dead but his thinking lingers on. Speak up, Republicans!       GERALD        E


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  1. Gerald, As you have once again stated very clearly, this narcisistic egomaniac Trump has/is doing things that would have been unfathomable just a few short decades ago. The GOP I grew up knowing in post WW II decades is gone, kaput, absent. I must have been dreaming when the likes of party adversaries such as President Reagan and Speaker Tip O’Neil could become fat friends and drinking buddies!!! Trump could care less who or what party is taking up space down Pennsylvania Avenue! He is a dictator….period.

    We have long known that corporate (GOP) and unions and working people (Democratic) have had a about 200 year, give or take, tug of war in our federal government. It is that tug of war that kept checks and balances active and working, even when one party or the other would find themselves in the proverbial center mud and pit, nonetheless, were able to regroup and be back at the task.

    Today there is no tug of war. The present administration have burned the rope and claimed the mountain peek of absolute power over lives domestically and around the globe. Keep on keep’n brother! We need to resist every day!!!

    • As I just blogged recently, my answer to the Trump attempts to gain public approval of his putative dictatorship by putting down those who object to is (in Flynnese language) NYET! With dictatorship on the one hand and worship of the Kremlin in our future, I cannot understand how any American steeped in democratic values can approve of what we have seen so far – and it’s only beginning! I think such wannabe fascists think that we will finally give it up out of fatigue. They are mistaken. I have spent time in the South Pacific fighting fascism while fatigued and will fight fascism from within while fatigued. As I have often blogged, I was not in the South Pacific because of FDR or HST or even the emblem of a flag; I was there to defend democracy from fascism and am ready to storm the Bastille again against these dictatorial creeps! GRRR! GES

      Gerald E. Read my blog at:

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