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February 11, 2017


I have concluded over the week just passed that Flynn should resign, Kushner should go back to the Trump Tower or wherever to conduct the president’s businesses and the country’s diplomatic affairs, and Kellyanne should “spend more time with her family.”

Flynn is plainly lying when he said that his call to the Russian ambassador during the transition and BEFORE he became national security director did not involve any discussion of the additional sanctions that were just then being put into effect and how such sanctions would be reviewed favorably for the Russians after Trump became president. We now know that American intelligence had bugged his phone and knew what he talked about and have a record of it, so guess what? Today he said he may have discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador and that he didn’t remember. Caught in the trap of truth, the liar uses his last defense available of “I don’t remember.”

He, of course, could not possibly have forgotten a discussion of sanctions with the Russian ambassador considering that that is Putin’s #1 beef with our country at present. Obama correctly imposed additional sanctions against Russia for Putin’s annexation of the Crimea, his ongoing invasion of Ukraine, and to top it off, Putin’s cyber interference with our last election.

I am persuaded that Flynn’s seditious call to the Russian ambassador was known to Trump who is now telling us that he “hadn’t heard about it,” it being the dustup created by Flynn’s call to the Russian ambassador. I do not believe Trump, either, who can’t seem to distinguish between truth and fact in his narcissistic world. The intelligence agency which has a record of Flynn’s call to the Russian ambassador should make it public since it is not a government secret; Flynn was not in government at the time. He should resign because he obviously cannot be trusted to tell the truth, and we deserve a national security director (of all people) who can be trusted not to mislead the American people on matters of, yes, national security. I think cozying up to Putin is a national security risk within itself and still wonder what Putin has on Trump that leads Trump to admire Putin as “a strong leader.” Yeah, so was Hitler.

Flynn’s misadventure represents my chief complaint in this essay inasmuch as it involves what Trump keeps saying is his biggest responsibility, i.e., to keep the American people safe. Tell me how embracing a murdering dictator who hates us and has atomic capabilities contributes to our national security. By contrast, as you will see, my complaints against Kushner and Kellyanne are relatively mild.

Kushner, son in law of Trump, is a stand-in for Trump in running the president’s businesses from the majestic and powerful perch of the Oval Office or near environs. Trump tells us he needs no blind trust because his family will run his businesses and they won’t talk about business with him. Right. When the family congregates for dinner on Sunday, all they will talk about are sports and the weather. Give me a break! Anybody with a brain cell working knows that they keep dad up to snuff on how things are going in the business world he pretends to have left. Reality, anyone?

Lately there has been evidence that Kusher is also playing Secretary of State with Mexico in keeping the presidents of our country and Mexico free from public fistfights. That is not the function of an adviser to the president. He is horning in on our diplomatic business and Tillerson should tell him to bug off but for fear that Kushner’s father in law would discipline him for roughing up a family member. Aside from egos and favored positions near the seat of power, someone tell me how all these catfights real or potential translates into what is good for America. Kushner has enough star power simply by virtue of having a father in law who is president; he should vacate the premises we taxpayers pay for and conduct the business of Trump Enterprises elsewhere while operating under the cover of “adviser.”

One can almost sympathize with the plight of Kellyanne, who is called upon daily to explain the inexplicable put forth by her narcissistic boss, but a manufacture of alternative facts to suggest there is logic in her conclusions of what the president said or did, not being based in reality, has some rough sledding in the real world you and I inhabit.

Worse than her loyal attempts to make the unreal real this last week was her commercial on government (taxpayers’) property and during work hours to buy the president’s daughter’s clothing, a line made in the sweatshops of Southeast Asia for further distribution at substantial profit to Trump’s daughter. (Nordstrom contra – poor sales).  Even Republicans came down hard on her with an important chairman (Chaffetz of Utah) denouncing such conduct as “unacceptable,” and so it is, but what could we otherwise expect from an Oval Office that now doubles for Trump Enterprises?

There are so many conflicts of interest in this administration of billionaires that Kellyanne’s misdeed seems trivial by comparison, but (unlike theirs which are well disguised) hers was public, so she has to take the rap. I understand she has children, so she should go home and, as the old canned resignation goes, “to spend more time with my family.” After a suitable interval, perhaps she can get a good job.

Flynngate, Kushnergate, and Kellyannegate. More “gates” are sure to follow in this swarm of billionaires and ideologues.   GERALD       E



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