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February 16, 2017


Trump, so deficient in so many areas, is good at issue-reframing. His “blame it on someone else” if it’s bad and “brag about how you excelled in bringing about the result” if it’s good is an object lesson in reframing issues for maximum political advantage.  I first noticed this when he started to claim credit for Obama’s initiatives that were playing out well with the masses, initiatives that he had disparaged before they turned out well.

This is, of course, in keeping with his narcissistic mindset, one in which he is always right and never wrong in his eternal search for adulation and approval. Another symptom of his narcissistic mindset is his overuse of the superlative. Thus we hear the use of “tremendous,” “greatest,” “best,” “very unfair,” “I know more than all the admirals and generals” etc., adjectival words and phrases employed not for purposes of emphasis but rather as defense mechanisms for fear that what is being stated might be doubted by listeners. It follows in his own mind, of course, that the media which criticizes him is “very unfair,” not just unfair. Never, of course, do you hear him discuss how unfairly he treats the Fourth Estate with his mindless chatter and tweet scum.

While a lawyer and not a shrink, the foregoing seems rather obvious to me, and the Flynngate that will not go away provides fodder for my conclusions. Thus Trump just announced today (as paraphrased) that Flynn was a fine man who had been destroyed by the media with their fake news. He neglected to tell us that he was the one who had fired this fine man, not the media, that the news of this man’s calls to the Russians was demonstrably real and not faked, that this fine man lied to the FBI (which, incidentally, is a felony), that he (Trump) knew Flynn lied weeks before his talk with the Russians and didn’t do anything about it at the time (giving rise to the potential charge that he, Trump, aided and abetted in the commission of a felony) etc. Trump has a problem in telling the truth unless telling the truth makes him look good with his adroit handling of issues presented and solved by his brilliance.

Even so, and from such a negative set of real and not fake facts surrounding Flynngate, you have to give Trump credit for trying to reframe the issues, and if lying and misrepresentation are required, such bad outcomes can always be ascribed to “Crooked Hillary” or the dreadful mistakes made by Obama.  Trump is trying to change the subject and direct our attention to topics where his handling deserves adulation and approval and absolve himself of any politically negative consequences simultaneously from his bully pulpit (and I use the term bully advisedly). Echoes of such views are being heard from Republican members of Congress who urge us to “move on” (shorthand for I don’t want to hear anything more on these topics of lying and Russian connections for fear of losing my next election). My response to such Republicans is this: We are moving on. We are trying to save our democracy, which is more important than any bill you or anyone else could ever submit in this or any other session of Congress.

FYI, Mr. Trump, it was not the media who called the Russian ambassador and talked sanctions out of school; it was not the media but was rather your campaign aides who called known Russian intelligence agents on numerous occasions during the course of your campaign; it was not the media but you who during the campaign openly asked the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails and deliver them to Wikipedia for further use in disparaging her candidacy; it was not the media but you who brought neo-fascists into your cabinet to advise you, one of whom (Bannon) was also a wife-beater; it was not the media who lied to the FBI – it was Flynn – and you knew he was lying weeks before he was outed and did nothing about it, and all your reframing, misrepresentations, lies and massaging of such evidence cannot change the facts in the real world in which we live as opposed to the world of fantasy you inhabit.      GERALD        E



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