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February 16, 2017


Trump has announced as of yesterday that the leaking that has been going on even “before me” and continuing amounts to criminal activity and must stop. I recall vividly during the campaign that he publically invited the Russians to hack into our system and feed anti-Hillary propaganda to Wikipedia for further distribution, which they did, so what is his beef with current leaking? Well, as the old saying goes, it depends upon whose ox is being gored, and right now it’s his ox that is being gored and his heads I win, tails you lose measurement of the result isn’t selling to an increasingly skeptical America.

Further, if (as he says) leaking is a criminal activity, then has he admitted to the crime of aiding and abetting a crime with his public endorsement of Russian hacking into our political system? It sure sounds like it, and this is from Trump’s lips, not mine. Someone tell Jeff Sessions to convene a grand jury and seek an indictment against Trump for his felonious conduct, a sure bet for indictment since he has already confessed to the crime in public. They should also advise Jeff to seek an indictment of a white man once in a while in order to deflect widespread views that Jeff is a white supremacy racist, starting with Trump. Likelihood that this will happen? When the cow jumps over the moon.

While Trump is a hopeless and apparently untreated narcissist, that (in my opinion) is not his biggest problem. I think his biggest problem (and that of some of his staff) is that he is a pathological liar. Now that the campaign is over he is tasked with governing. Suddenly there is responsibility thrust upon him; he can’t freelance about “Crooked Hillary” and Obama or publically call upon Russians to be leakers to destroy Hillary anymore as rationales for his mounting failures in governing. He isn’t leading; he is tweeting and entertaining us as though being president is some sort of show (witness his flourish when signing executive orders for the camera in his me-me-me world). It isn’t a show; it is a deadly serious game in a deadly serious world. The world does not revolve around his hurt feelings and denials of reality; it revolves around hegemony and power and trade treaties and many other exercises in global economics and politics, and finally, leading by example, a job for which he is singularly unequipped.

Now that “Crooked Hillary” and Obama have been banished from his political lexicon, he is relying on his secondary line of defense, which goes as follows: “I’m just doing what I promised to do in the campaign,” as though doing the will of the people. The will of the people was that he not be president when you consider that Hillary’s popular vote of some 2,865 million votes more than his and millions of others for Third Party candidates are added into his historic loss. He has no mandate to do anything and should not pretend that he is doing the will of the people when millions more than Hillary’s vote are added to the count. He is the greatest minority president ever and continues to showboat for his base rather than playing president for all of us (a huge majority of whom voted against him and what he promised to do). He should do what the majority wants to do. His election was a geographical fluke where geography rather than the voters accounts for his “election.”

“When one first practices to deceive” is a well-known phrase in English Literature. Aside from morality, the problem in being a Trump or a Kellyanne is that you have to keep track of your lies so that you can later show some consistency in whatever result it is you are trying to influence. Pathological truth-tellers, on the other hand, don’t have to remember about having to put their stories together because there aren’t any. Freed of moral constraints and gaining a reputation for straight-shooting (see Truman), you don’t have to fear situations in which your deceptions will be discovered because there is nothing to be discovered. Trump has now lied so much that he just says one thing one minute and then another a minute later and, if necessary, denies that he made the first statement, or blames it on Hillary, Obama or anyone but himself, all in consonance with his narcissistic mindset. When that happens, we are not only dealing with lying; we are dealing with delusion as his narcissism kicks in and reality is out to lunch.

Lying either to gain or to avoid a given result in a husband-wife situation is bad enough, but when you represent the people in some political context and lie to them it is worse, that is, unless we divorce the liar through an impeachment process, which I predict, as even his base will revolt over time.

Trump has brought this on himself, though his narcissism may be of independent organic origin. Nobody (including his base of current worshippers) can believe a word this disturbed man says as he bullies and blusters his way forward in an attempt to cover up his shortcomings and ignorance of the way things work in our real world and not the one he has manufactured for himself.

It is very early in his presidency to suggest impeachment, but given all the chaos, love of Putin and constant lying I think it is not too early. We are headed for a loss of social cohesion under this man’s rule, and if that happens, as I have blogged before, Katy bar the door! It’s not too early to file suit for divorce; on the contrary, we may not have much time left given the chaos and disarray we see daily.     GERALD      E








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