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February 17, 2017


We don’t yet know just how far this blackmailing epidemic has penetrated the White House and the Kremlin, and it will never be easy to know when Republicans refuse to make Trump’s income tax returns public though 74 percent of the American people want to see them while Trump in his narcissistic haze, of course, lies about anything and everything that might make him look bad to throw us off the trail. Millions of us (including me) believe that Putin has Trump blackmailed and that perhaps Trump has Putin blackmailed, and that this is the reason why both have “nice things” (as Trump puts it) to say about one another. Both are liars, of course, the difference between them being that Putin has cowed his media outlets via murder and beatings and is thus relatively scandal-free while Trump has not quite succeeded in cowing his own media due to this little problem of the First Amendment, though he is trying to do the job with his daily attacks on the media as unfair, the purveyor of fake news etc.

Since bloggers like me are going to be accused of being unfair and slanted with our commentaries in any event, I may as well join the conspiracy theorists and suggest a new scenario which may or may not conform to the facts with my conclusion set out first: That Trump and Flynn are blackmailing one another. Far out? Perhaps, but consider the following alternative/known facts I have assumed in coming to such a conclusion: Trump and Flynn were both in contact with Russian intelligence during and after the election, with Trump (who thought he was going to lose the election and having nothing to lose) openly suggesting during the campaign that the Russians meddle in our election and turn the results over to Wikipedia for anti-Hillary distribution, which they did.

Lying to the FBI is a felony and Flynn could go to jail if successfully prosecuted and here is the rest of my conspiracy theory: That Flynn quietly absorbed Trump’s sacking based on the following bargain: That he (Flynn) would keep his mouth shut about Trump’s personal involvement with Russian intelligence during and after the election in return for Trump’s telling his captive AG (Jeff Sessions) not to prosecute Flynn.

Evidence that I may be on to something? The word is out via the Washington Post just today that prosecution of Flynn is “unlikely” because he (Flynn) would be able to parse his use of the term “sanction” at trial. As a one-time prosecutor myself, I know that it is not a bad idea to anticipate a defendant’s defense, but to throw in the towel at this stage of ongoing investigations (which may wind up politically whitewashed in any event if left to the politicians) seems premature to me. My reaction to this seeming sellout and cover-up is binary, to wit: The fix is in, and something smells in the State of Denmark.

Lost in all this is the possibility of the commission of another crime. We know that Trump knew weeks in advance that Flynn had had contact with the Russian ambassador and that intelligence had also informed him of the content of the call(s) they had bugged from the ambassador’s phone. Trump did not fire him then, and why not? I think it is because Flynn had him blackmailed and that he (Trump) hoped that the whole thing would just blow over and Flynn could stay on, which would amount to allowing a national security director lie to his cohorts as well as the American people. I think Trump had a duty to speak and act  and that his failure to do so amounts to aiding and abetting a crime, but of course if the prosecutors decide there is no crime or one which they would likely lose if pursued, then Trump is off the hook since you cannot aid and abet the commission of a crime unless there is a crime charged, obviously.

There is more here than meets the eye, but I cannot pretend that I have made an iron-clad case with  what we know and can reasonably infer since inference is not evidence.  What we need is an independent investigator armed with subpoena power who can dig deeply into this cesspool of political intrigue and finally arrive at truth supported by the evidence so that the American people can make a judgment on the fates of Trump, Flynn and others who may be implicated as the investigation unfolds.  Truth is a scarce commodity these days in a White House that has morphed into a House of Liars where alternative facts and lying have become routine, so we must seek moral and ethical leadership elsewhere.

If I were younger and licensed in the District of Columbia, I would volunteer for the job without pay and would be delighted to question the actors in this rancid charade under oath in re their respective roles in their collaboration with the Russians and subsequent deals and cover-ups, but such is not to be, so I will instead continue to blog on this and other topics that threaten our democracy, and there are many.    GERALD      E






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