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February 20, 2017


Trump has been running around the country since the election saying that he won in a landslide when he lost the popular vote by millions of votes cast for Third Party candidates in addition to Hillary’s 2,865 million advantage and on the contrary, he is by far the biggest loser in the popular vote ever to occupy the White House. Trump also tells us he is the biggest winner of the electoral vote since Reagan. Wrong, and when a reporter at last week’s press conference bravely read off the electoral count of presidents elected since Reagan and asked him how he could be trusted to tell the truth when he insisted on telling and retelling this story that was not true, his reply was that several people had said what he was saying but did not tell us who the “several people” were. I suspect they were voices in his world.

If there were people who told him that, which I doubt, then they must have flunked arithmetic in elementary school. I think he is speaking (and perhaps honestly as measured in his world of delusion and narcissistic haze) that if he didn’t want it to happen, it didn’t. Trouble is, the rest of us live in the real world where two and two are still four and what happens happens. His back and forth ventures into his world and ours, of course, lead us to shake our heads and wonder what’s next, and when he is caught in our world with a falsehood, then “some else said it.”

Narcissists, of course, are never at fault, and it helps to have scapegoats at the ready, like Mexicans, the unfair media, Crooked Hillary or whatever or whomever to explain away his erratic behavior. Again, trouble is, it was none of these who signed an unconstitutional order barring Muslims from entering the country, cavorting with the Russians, approving Putin’s annexation of Crimea etc., it was Donald James Trump, whose diversionary tactics in shifting blame is both obvious and tiresome. Truman’s sign in the Oval Office reads “the buck stops here” should be amended to read “It’s someone else’s fault” (unless a particular result is good, and then it is because I am the hero and did it to make America great again. It appears that the buck is going to stop where Trumps says it stops, a malleable measurement indeed.

Similarly, while on a campaign trip to Florida over this weekend, Trump alluded to what happened in Sweden Friday night. The answer was nothing and the Swedes have asked the White House to explain this out-of-the-blue comment. It was made in the context of allowing refugees into our country and was a putdown of Sweden’s welcoming of a large number of refugees into their country. Apparently Trump was trying to say that the Swedes were having big problems with refugees and leaving the inference that we would have big problems if we took in more refugees. When pressed for evidence to back up his story about Sweden, he said that he had heard about it on Fox News, all of which was new to the Swedes. Here again, he had his out. Such fake news was not his fault, “someone else said it.”

If we are going to have a president who runs around the country glorifying himself and insulting those who differ, then we may be falling for the bait. I admit that my attention has been diverted by this roving braggart whose narcissism is at fever pitch since being electorally elected, and that may not be good because while my attention is diverted, white supremacists and Putin collaborators back at the White House are writing up orders and making policies for his approval when he returns. Perhaps my attention should be re-diverted to what they are up to rather than the TV shows of Trump. I do not trust presidential advisers Bannon and Miller to draft anything given their Nazi-like view of the world and authoritarian stances toward constitutional constraints, constraints that are there for good reason.

The lesson? Respond to Trump’s outrages but keep an eye out for the foxes in the henhouse who are facilitating such outrages, bearing in mind that Rome fell not from without but from within.   GERALD    E


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