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March 2, 2017


When confronted about why he signed this or that executive order, Trump has responded lately that he is only doing what he promised to do during the campaign, presumably in keeping with what his base directed by their vote, even though millions of Third Party voters in addition to Hillary’s 2.865 million more voters voted against him and thus were against what his minority base supposedly instructed him to do, which means that as president he is not conforming to or even considering the will of the big majority but rather following the wishes of his narrow base in governing.

As president he represents all of the people, including those who voted against him, and is obligated to consider the interests of the big majority who voted against him in matters that affect all Americans. He is still in campaign rather than governing mode and is playing to his base as president and seeks not to foster unity but rather to continue to tell us how he won in a landslide, how the media is the enemy of the people etc., hardly recipes for bipartisanship and moving the country forward.

He still says he is going to build the wall and that Mexico will pay for it when Mexico says that won’t happen. He says that economic growth will pay for his proposed tax cuts for the rich and corporate class when such promises have so far done nothing but inflate the Dow to the delight of the Wall Street moneychangers while economists overwhelmingly say that his sunny prediction of economic growth will not happen, which means that our deficit will go straight up if his spending proposals make it through a cowed Republican Congress fearful of primary opponents if they cross him.

The “good paying jobs” Trump promised to bring back from overseas cannot happen because they never left; only 13 percent of American jobs went overseas while 87 percent of the jobs lost were lost to evaporation by automation, and even if he could bring back the 13 percent jobs lost many if not most of them would be automated upon their return. That is a promise he cannot keep either to his base or to the majority via his tinkering with trade treaties, and American manufacturers are not likely to junk their robots to be replaced with humans. Trump is proposing a 1960 employment solution to a 2017 employment problem which won’t work in this post-industrial age where a new economic paradigm is securely in place.

His proposed 10 percent increase to an already bloated military budget whose appropriations total more than the next 22 countries combined on the planet which he wants to pay for with cuts in other government agencies’ budgets is more than ill-advised; it is wasteful and unnecessary. His proposed 54 billion dollar increase in the military budget is an exercise in flag waving. We already have a military second to none and he is clearly providing corporate welfare for the big defense contractors such as Boeing and Lockheed (who can respond in kind with big campaign contributions to Trump and his ilk).


Trump’s speech was well-delivered but he didn’t write it; speechwriters wrote it, and though it had to pass muster by Trump, it amounts to a claim that a leopard can change his spots, that a pathological liar can quit lying; that a hopeless narcissist can shed his lifelong gaze in the pool – and all by a force of will.

There was no mention in the speech that Mexico would pay for the wall, that more jobs are leaving the country than are coming back into it, that tariffs on imported goods invite retaliation and increase costs to American consumers, that the high dollar is already wrecking our export industries which in turn increases our trade deficits and that such retaliatory tariffs would finish the job and result in unemployed millions, how he is going to pay for all of his pie-in-the-sky projects and reduce taxes without increasing the debt etc. etc. etc., all contrary to the laws of arithmetic.

The tone of his speech was better than usual as he appeared to be chastened by such events as millions of marchers in the streets, demands for answers from Republican senators and congress persons from those attending town hall meetings back in their home states and districts, and other signs of massive discontent among voters, including his failure to provide us with his income tax returns and his continuing love affair with a murdering dictator named Putin. I was struck by the matters he did not discuss as much or more than the matters he did discuss, and by his exaggeration and phony framing of events. For instance, he cited several companies that he said were expanding their operations and would be hiring tens of thousands of workers since he was elected. He neglected to tell us that these companies’ decisions to expand PREDATED his election (speaking of phony framing by association).

I think his new tone won’t last because he is still looking at the pool while Bannon and Miller are playing him like a drum in order to bring the United States into their New World of the future where the executive rules and the other two branches obey as our democracy goes down the drain. We have been to this show before and I smell a Heil.

Trump did not mention either the word Russia or Putin in his speech and for good reason since the investigation between his campaign and Russian intelligence is continuing by Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence agent who broke the story of Trump-Putin collusion last summer. There are so many grounds for impeachment of Trump under the heading of abuse of power that one has to pick and choose which one or ones to bring to the House for impeachment. I personally think that the Russian matter (if there is evidence of collusion) will be Trump’s undoing, though his business practices under cover of the Oval Office may run a close second for his impeachment on constitutional grounds as opposed to his possible sellout of our democracy to Putin, and why? Trump won’t say. Blackmail, anybody? Business entanglements with Russian banks and oligarchs? How else to explain Trump’s reluctance to call a spade a spade and label Putin as the murderous dictator he is? Come clean, Donald. . .

Leopards don’t change their spots because they can’t, a speech is just a talk, and narcissists without the help of a shrink and pharmaceuticals cannot redo their neurons. The tone of his speech was better but there was no real substance in its contents. I’m waiting for the next tweets from this enemy of the people who is calling the media the enemy of the people, from a guy who can put it out but not take it, and I’m thinking my wait will be short.      GERALD        E











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