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March 4, 2017


Contrary to Republican propaganda that would make Goebbels blush, Democrats are not pursuing the Trump campaign-Russian connection because Hillary lost. They have long since accepted that Trump, though the greatest minority president in history, won the election by electoral if not voter count. The use of this trite pretense is a convenient ploy Republicans are framing to deflect the heat and sounds of their Russian connections and is working as a form of political gospel to their base, but it is false to a fault. Whether Hillary won or Trump won is immaterial to the much greater issue involved.

There is another crucial reason why Democrats and all Americans of whatever political stripe are or should be trying to get to the bottom of this Republican-Russian cesspool or even a Democratic-Russian cesspool (if one existed), and it is more important than who won or any political party or anything or anyone and it is this: Our democracy is at stake; the glue of our social cohesion is under attack.

Nothing is more important than the preservation and expansion of our democracy, not the stock market, who won or who lost an election, nothing, because without our democratic institutions in place there is no good reason to even have a country and without a country there are no presidents or stock markets or anything else as social cohesion is lost and our country descends into chaos and becomes easy prey for predators.

Democracy is, as I frequently write, our most precious asset and one of the last few things left worth dying for, and millions have already died or been maimed in its defense in wars against fascism and other authoritarian rule from Bunker Hill to the death of a SEAL just recently in Yemen. Perhaps Trump does not appreciate such sacrifices in the defense of our democracy since he was a serial draft dodger when his country came calling for him to serve.

So what does Trump think about our democracy? We are in receipt of his answer by tweet today, a means of communication which in and of itself signals his ho-hum attitude toward all that is keeping the country together. He writes that the Sessions connection with the Russians and congressional calls for an investigation amount to a “witch hunt.”

This is the same short-sighted president who told us he had 100 percent confidence in his national security director (Flynn) hours before he fired Flynn and weeks after he knew of Flynn’s transgressions but was apparently willing to keep him on until Flynn’s transgressions became public. He was obviously willing to keep a liar in this sensitive position in order to cover his own political posterior though at great potential cost to America, but it didn’t work out because of the meddling investigations of the media, whom he describes as “the enemy of the people.” If he wants to see the enemy of the people, I recommend that he look in the mirror.

So what kind of scenario can we envision for America when we have a president who refuses to show us his income tax returns, runs a real estate and branding business from the Oval Office and continues to insult anyone and everyone who differs with his views as though his views cannot be challenged in a democracy (all of which he denies, of course)? In isolated context and if that’s all there were to it, we might be able to survive such insults to the democratic process, but what we might not be able to survive is his bringing in the likes of Bannon and Miller to his inner circle who are setting the fascist table for a slowly-developing coup into what Bannon has written requires (speaking of framing) “destruction of the administrative state” so that his “New World” can supplant that which we now have.

Such “destruction” however framed by masters of propaganda is shorthand for destruction of government by democracy in favor of government by authoritarian rule, aka dictatorship, so even more than the destruction of our democracy is involved when you consider what is proposed for its replacement, the potential for a totalitarian nightmare beyond even that described in Orwell’s 1984.

If my admittedly dark forecast is true or even true in part, then much more is involved in whether  A or B won an election, whether it is or is not a witch hunt etc. What is involved in not investigating the Russian stench of interference in our democracy is exactly what Putin wants for whatever reason and if we do not further investigate we are greasing the skids for our further descent into authoritarian rule. Democracy is a fragile institution and has been saved by the blood of patriots on many occasions. Let’s hope another such occasion does not arise on our watch.         GERALD        E






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  1. billy1926 permalink

    You elucidated a few of the many problem topics that the Trumpites have dragged in to produce an authoritarian United States very well, GE. Among the leaders and so-called “experts” of their growing band, I sense much desire for personal gain – both attention and wealth – and not too much talent or capability to lead, devise better governing techniques and programs, or maintain the republic, for that matter. I’m already sick about what I see happening for education and school programs, for wildlife and nature preservation, for the many remaining tribes of aboriginals, for the decadence of the nation’s transportation and water supply systems, . . . etc., etc.

    As I once said to myself and beautiful wife, Gloria (when we lived out in the country south of Winslow) . . . . “we’re going to be buried right there, dear,” I pointed to a spot up near the east road.
    WRONG! I have no idea which side(s) will win here now. I hope your choice for democracy survives.
    I don’t think there are any certainties. The multi-rich, the oligarchies, the ignorant who consider themselves Rep’s, and a trail of leches must be overcome. GOOD LUCK!

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