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March 5, 2017


I must first apologize for a two-century typo in a recent post. I wrote that Charlemagne, King of the Franks, was crowned by the pope as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1,000 A.D. I missed the coronation by exactly two centuries; he was crowned by the pope in 800 A.D. Mea culpa. . . .

Today I learned that Trump tweeted early from his mansion in Florida that Obama had wiretapped his phone in his Trump Tower in New York City. He did not give the source or sources that were privy to him to prove such a blockbuster allegation and until I hear where he learned of such an outrage and if true, I will interpret such tweeted statement as a cry for help. A cry for help, you may well ask? Well, short of participation in right wing conspiracy theories, read on for my growing suspicion that there are a number of answers to questions that few if any are asking all, of course, subject to rebuttal as the facts will dictate as we unravel Trump’s (I predict) short-lived trip to the Oval Office.

As I frequently write, I am a lawyer and not a shrink, but I think it is about time for ordinary lay people   to start a discussion of what seems to me to be increasingly obvious, to wit: That Donald J. Trump, in spite of all his arrogance and pretense, is a scared man, scared because he knows he is in over his head, scared because he is up to his eyeballs in deals with Putin and Russian banks and oligarchs, scared that those entrusted with the truth about his personal and business conduct are in blackmail positions and could squeal (including Putin and other Russians who are plundering the resources of the Russian people and are trying to get their rubles out of the country into Western bonds and real estate assets), scared that he (and his Commerce Secretary, Ross) are up to their ears in the Bank of Cyprus, widely known as a bank that provides ways and means of laundering Russian money into the Western banking systems for further investment (perhaps some of which are in Trump real estate and branding investments both here and elsewhere with layers of trusts preventing the identity of such investors from being known to the general public), and I could go on and on in fleshing out my suspicions because there are so many ancillary problems Trump has in connection with one or more of the problems above cited. However, suspicions are not facts, so you and I have to wait on honest investigations to obtain the facts from stonewalling politicians, perhaps under subpoena duress. We are entitled to know the truth since we are citizens and may well be financing his sacrifice of our democracy to Putin for his own personal profit.

There has to be a reason for all this daily mayhem of tweeting and other beyond reckless statements Trump makes to gain or divert attention other than his existence in the hazy world of narcissism, and there is, because he wanders between both his world and ours in his attempts to always be right and wonder why everybody doesn’t love him for his brilliant insights and conclusions.

My discussion here only involves his daily treks into our world since as noted I am not a shrink and am thus unqualified to discuss his treks in his world, so here’s my take: That he had no idea he would be elected president and ran only to further his real estate and branding businesses, that he tried to lose the election with his unbelievable insults of everything and everybody in sight, including but not limited to Hillary, Democrats, Republicans, fellow candidates, rigged elections, trade deals, women, Muslims et al., but that he somehow struck an electoral nerve with enough disenchanted voters to win the presidency, though millions more voted against him than for him, that he is deeply subject to blackmailing by Putin and many others both from here and Russia, including even some in his cabinet that he has appointed to buy their silence or good will (and especially his Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, a Wall Streeter and also a heavyweight at the Bank of Cyprus, money launder for Russian interests), that if he produced his income tax returns (unless he neglected to report his Russian investment connections and failures to pay income taxes over the years on such returns) it would earn him early retirement, a President Pence and perhaps a trip to the hoosegow for income tax evasion, and here again, I could go on and on  with other problems stemming from those set forth above, but will not in consideration of time and space.

So back to his tweet of today – what does it actually signify? No one other than Trump can know, but I here suggest that it is a cry for help. He is desperate to change the subject from his deep connections with the Russians and therefore comes up with the ludicrous (and denied) assertion that Obama tapped his phone in the hope that he can change the subject. It is not going to work. His failure to say one bad word about a murdering dictator (Putin) and the tip of the iceberg (the Flynn-Sessions scandals) are all indicative of a scam perhaps beyond even what an out of control conspiracy theorist could dream up.

I think Trump tweets early because he can’t sleep worrying about his fate if there are investigations that uncover the truth, and if even part of my suspicions prove accurate when the facts in all their gory detail become known, he has good reason to lose sleep – and to be very scared. His tweets, thus understood, could be cries for help, as in please talk about something else because if the word gets out, I’m toast. He made his record; you and I didn’t. You and I have to live with our records. So does he.     GERALD       E



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