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March 19, 2017


I keep hearing from those who expect a modicum of civility from a president that Trump should apologize for his insistence that Obama has committed a felony in wiretapping Trump Tower, that he should apologize for his administration’s claim that British intelligence wiretapped us, that he should apologize for his insults to foreign female leaders such as May of Britain and Merkel of Germany, who represent two of our closest allies and who are living in the shadow of an expansion-minded Putin who wants to make Russia great again but, strangely, I have heard not a peep of an insult of the murdering dictator Putin who, on the contrary, Trump says is “a strong leader.” I keep hearing of those insults and his failure to insult when he should but I have yet to hear apologies from Trump as an individual for anything he has ever done or not done, from his sexual exploits to proof that he was wiretapped by Obama.

I have had enough, and while I am a lawyer and not a shrink this man masquerading as president is plainly not well and we should start thinking of dusting off the 25th Amendment for a move to President Pence, bad as such a choice may be. Even apologizing at this late date cannot remove the damage Trump has already done and is likely to continue doing to this country and our allies as the ostensible leader of the free world. Trump is neither a leader nor a follower; he seems to be caught up in some narcissistic haze in his own world, a world I cannot describe since I have never visited it. I live elsewhere and have no wish to visit his totally insensitive world where mistakes are never made.

I, like almost all of us, live in a real world where two and two are four, a cause and effect world as described by Newton, a world where science informs us and philosophy tells us the why of things. Trump by his conduct and misconduct doesn’t live in our world, and though he occasionally seems to inhabit our world, such forays are designed to benefit his sense of self as he retreats back to his narcissistic cocoon and tweet storms against those who opposed his dictatorial rants during his visits to our world.

He is clearly not a well person and it is time to quit making excuses for his lies and other obvious shortcomings. His hurt feelings are not what we should be worrying about; we should be worrying about the future of our country’s democracy what with all the right wing advisers with whom he has surrounded himself, advisers who are openly calling for authoritarian rule reminiscent of pre-Nazi Germany. These advisers and Republican politicians are using a clueless Trump as a front for their redo of our health care, so-called tax reform, defense appropriations and the like while throwing him a bone of a wall along our southern border, an edifice that will cost us billions of dollars and which will be no impediment for the transit of illegal immigrants in any case.

It is time to stop placating this juvenile bully and let him know that he was not elected God but as a president whose rights and duties are prescribed by our Constitution and laws which include a procedure for his removal from office. How to do it? See the 25th Amendment. We cannot undo the damage already done but at least we can hopefully contain future damage to our democracy and standing in the world. It’s time to end this charade and pretense to normality. Nothing is normal and nothing is likely to improve given his mental problems which call for framing in his world, so let’s get on with it.      GERALD       E

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  1. Niel Johnson permalink

    Jerry –  I agree Trump is a menace to our republic and its future.  His incompetence for the job of President becomes more and more evident as time goes on.  A Republican congressman has said that Trump should admit his mistake about asserting that the Trump Tower was wire tapped by the Obama administration, then say he’s sorry and then move on.  As you suggest that would be too little, too late.  Moeover, an apology from a person burdened with narcissism is not likely, and I expect he will keep digging a hole that eventually will make him unacceptable to moderate, sensible Republican legislators as well as to the Democrats in Congress.  Perhaps then the 25th Amendment can be invoked.              Niel

    • If we are to retain allies for such matters as shared intelligence and NATO contributions then we should seriously consider use of the 25th Amendment. We cannot have two different worlds operative in the making of either foreign or domestic policy by gut instinct. I don’t know how much more time we have before our credibility and world leadership will be totally gutted by this disturbed person and am ready to have it out with him today. It’s time, and waiting to do something about it only reinforces the impressions among our (so far) allies that we agree with his (at least) neurotic views that the world revolves around him with our interests as a nation subordinate to such an understanding. Cloudless and 80s predicted here for the week – terrible! Jerry

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