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April 3, 2017


The former head of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, told us over the weekend “to get ready for Pence.” Others have predicted that Trump will not last out a four year term for various reasons ranging from impeachment to indictment to resignation out of frustration that even Republicans will not do as he commands and gerrymandered members of his own party don’t fear his tweets calling for primary opponents, not to mention potential health issues which could arise such as stroke, heart attack or mental breakdown which would bring the 25th Amendment into play. He is vulnerable to one or more of such possible grounds for removal from office at any time as he continues to insult both friend and foe but without one disparaging word for the murdering dictator Putin.

Some say that the Republican Freedom Caucus and moderate Republicans are just waiting until Gorsuch is safely confirmed before setting in motion a removal process for this insulter-in-chief who can’t seem to put a coherent set of policy initiatives in place for governing.  However, Steele’s admission is the first I have heard from such a high level in the Republican Party that Trump will not finish his term. I predict we will hear from many more to the same or similar effect – and from Republicans – Republicans who know that complicated budget and trade and defense issues are a bit more complicated than real estate deals and that Trump is in over his head – miles over.

Those who follow my blog know that after the election I predicted he would not last a year and that in view of his post-election conduct I have since lowered that to six months, which leaves me with something less than four months from today for my prediction to come true. I am going to stick with that estimate in view of his healthcare defeat, the fact that the Congress is taking a two weeks’ vacation for Easter break when the government runs out of money and faces shutdown toward the last of this month, and that Instead of demanding that the Congress stay in session and work day and night to avoid government default in less than four weeks, he instead runs down to his resort in Florida to play golf.

It seems there is little concern by either the golf-playing president or the congressional leadership that we are on the verge of defaulting on our debts, an unmitigated disaster that didn’t happen even during the Great Depression, and something that could trigger the withdrawal of trillions by foreign investors that were invested here in the belief that their money was safely invested and that our government was stable. The raw truth is that with a default their money is not safe and our government is not stable.

If investigators find that Trump and/or his campaign was or were in active collusion with Russia to propagandize the electorate in last fall’s election in order to assist in his election, then of course he will be subject to immediate removal and indictment as well, and if that were to happen, it is clear that we will have a constitutional crisis in picking his successor – and here’s why.

Steele assumes that the vice president will follow Trump’s removal or resignation pursuant to the Constitution, but I have a problem with that, and it is this: If Trump is removed by reason of his or his staff’s active collusion with the Russians we then have a fraudulent election whose results will have to be reversed by the courts, and that would include Pence’s election as well since he was elected not by himself but with the same tainted votes given to Trump. If both are removed then under the constitutional provision for presidential succession Ryan, the Speaker of the House, will become president, but wait, he didn’t run for either president or vice president, so that leaves Hillary to become president since she ran and was the victim of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Maybe my reasoning here is good and maybe not. Truth be told, I don’t know how the Supreme Court would or even could resolve this thorny issue given such a unique set of facts, but nonetheless offer such a resolution below.

Think the Supreme Court cannot decide who will be president? Remember Bush v. Gore? The court can indeed decide who will grace the Oval Office. However, the Constitution does not take into account the scenario that I have just posed and in such a case the Supreme Court would be in deep and uncharted waters while trying to interpret the Constitution so as to come up with an answer.

I have an easy solution to offer the court and it is this: Order a new election to be held in 30 days. Problem solved.       GERALD        E





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