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April 6, 2017

Yesterday I understand that Trump has removed Bannon from the National Security Council. I am neither placated nor appeased, especially since Bannon retained his security clearance and is still welcomed to attend the Council’s meetings “where his expertise can be helpful.” What expertise, and who decides when it comes into play? Is this a demotion or a lateral move intended to keep this Leninist on hand, a result of power plays in the emperor’s court? I have heard conflicting stories of why he was removed from the Council, none of which make sense and all of which suggest chaos in the White House.
Removal from the Council means little if he is sitting in the next room still advising a clueless real estate promoter cum president on policies both foreign and domestic when neither he nor the promoter has any qualifications as adviser or advisee in such areas new to both of them. It is the blind leading the blind. Bannon’s experience as a sometime movie maker, manufacturer of fake news and a stint as a second tier money man working for Goldman Sachs hardly gives him the requisite experience for advising anybody on the intricacies of trade and issues surrounding taxes, budgets, relationships with North Koreans, Syrians, Palestinians, et al. He is an admitted Leninist and a disrupter bent on destruction of the current order of things and should be banished from government altogether.
Rasputin, who never spent a day in school, masqueraded in the early twentieth century as a faith-healing monk who attracted the attention of the Romanovs, the last tsar and tsarina of Russian dynasty, all of whom were murdered by Lenin when the Bolsheviks took over during the Russian Revolution. The tsarina brought him into the castle to heal her son, and the son’s health improved. Both the royal members were very grateful to Rasputin as a result and kept him around the castle for further help and advice. Rasputin, a Siberian peasant, was detested by both rich and poor Russians who thought he was a fraud and undeserving and out of his class and there were many tales of how he raped women, stole money and otherwise influenced the Romanovs, some of which may or may not have been true. What is true is that he had utterly no background to be advising the tsar on matters of state, and while Bannon has been to school and has made lots of money with Lenin as his hero and “destruction of the administrative state” leading to a New World his motivation, he has had no experience in governing and is walking a deluded real estate mogul down the garden path in pursuit of his own delusions leading to some sort of Leninist or other ill-defined authoritarian state built on the ruins of democracy.
Forgotten in this delusionary walk the two are taking are America, its people, our past, present and future as we are striving to save our democracy for ourselves and our posterity. Trump’s proposed destruction of our environment, his saber-rattling, his apparent pro-Putin bias and a host of other initiatives he has undertaken on the advice of Bannon may well lead to fruition of Bannon’s desire “to destroy the administrative state,” which is shorthand for destroying the government.
Ever since Reagan announced that government was the problem and not the solution we have jumped on that big, bad government for every bad thing that has happened. I have a prediction: That should Bannon succeed in bringing America into his New World of fascist control we will yearn mightily for a return to that big, bad government of yore, as did the “Good Germans” when it was too late after Hitler became their dictator.
Bannon is an admitted apostle of disruption and destruction of “the administrative state,” aka government, as was Lenin with his communist revolution, and it appears from Trump’s budget proposals and adoption of alternative facts from which he claims to base policy decisions via tweet that Bannon’s disease is contagious. Both are enemies of democracy (which was also a hallmark of the Lenin and Stalin regimes) and, in my opinion, neither should be within 50 miles of the White House. GERALD E


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