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April 11, 2017


So just how does dropping some missiles on a Syrian air base and sending a carrier strike force to North Korea change the fact that Trump is a pathological liar? Does this show of an intention to use force which is so worshipped by hawks and defense industries and other delighted war profiteers and the Blackwater war privatizers change that fact? Isn’t he still a liar? Does playing tough guy change that? Indeed, can anything change that? Can anyone believe anything he says in his new world of alternative facts and government by whim with policy made on the fly, policy made under the pretense of “flexibility” when the truth is that our policy positions are incoherent by any standard?

What are our allies supposed to believe with contradictory statements coming from our UN representative, Trump’s press secretary, and the generals in the White House, and speaking of generals, do you remember that Trump said that he knew more than all the admirals and generals? If so, should he fire them as excess baggage and save taxpayer money? Who needs them when we have a super genius at the helm who knows more than all of them put together?

Trump is known to have zero empathy in pursuit of protection of his narcissistic self who never makes mistakes and is never to blame for anything, so are we to believe that he really cared about Syrian babies who were gassed last week? What about the thousands of other Syrian babies Assad has killed with conventional weaponry among the total of 400,000 Syrians killed since the revolution began? In an extreme example and to take this to its dry logical end, we know that there have been millions of babies aborted in China when they had their one-child only policy, so if the Chinese wish to reinstitute such policy, will Trump lob a few Tomahawks into Shanghai in order, ostensibly, to let them know that such a policy leading to baby killing is unacceptable? If it’s babies today that earn Tomahawks, what will it take tomorrow to trigger a response in his deranged mind, an insult? Are we to go to war based on insult?

Are we to believe that this terminal narcissist who lies repeatedly but without consequence under the mantle of alternative rather than real world facts really cares about anyone other than Donald Trump, and what are we to make of his complimentary remarks of the murdering dictator Putin, who Trump calls “a strong leader?” Is he on Putin’s blackmail list? What about his obvious conflicts of interest that he will not allow us to see with his refusal to make his tax returns public? What does he have to hide if he is the Mr. Clean he claims to be?

My final interrogatories are directed to America and its people – Why are we putting up with these affronts to our democracy by a disturbed man who lies incessantly and knows little to nothing about how to run a government – and worse, is not interested in learning since his only interest is to rule rather than govern, leaving the details to staff and family? Has he with his bluster and bullying and early morning tweets designed to cover his incompetence set such a low bar for ethics and performance that we are led to believe that the low bar is the new norm? Does even having a war change his prevarication habits since he can retreat into his narcissistic haze of alternative facts and, thus relieved from reality, conclude what he pleases, come out of his cocoon and act on them in the real world where the rest of us live?

As the phony band instrument salesman in The Music Man sang, “We got trouble, folks, right here in River City.” Final interrogatory > What are we going to do about this chaotic mess – and when?      GERALD        E


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