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April 20, 2017
  1. Republicans were essentially New Dealers until Reagan with his “government is the problem” nonsense. Unlike Sheila, I am a lifelong Democrat but I must admit that there were Republicans in the old days who almost turned my head. I am a New Dealer and when both parties have candidates who are New Dealers, it was harder to choose then than it is now since Republicans have these days made the stark choice of going for political power over country; of paying off Wall Street for the latter’s generous “contributions,” of electing a clueless psychopath to the highest office in the land, of such as McConnell who apparently would have delayed a hearing on the Supreme Court seat for four more years had Hillary been elected and the Senate remained Republican.

    Even Nixon gave us the EPA. Can you imagine that Trump and the present Koch and Wall Street-fed gang would give us an EPA when they are actively engaged in destroying it? Can you imagine Roosevelt’s famous quote of “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” as a rule and guide for policy making? Hardly. Fear is now a tool of Trump and hawks to keep the masses in line with their saber-rattling and gives credence to Lugar’s observation that you can’t bomb your way to security. He is right to a fault. Have we learned nothing from history, or do we wish to bend history to fit the greed of the few?

    I am of the opinion that the threat to our declining democratic institutions posed by Syrian and North Korean and Russian dictators when combined is less than the threat posed today from within by greedy war-mongering politicans and their disturbed leader whose lust for power is certain to destroy our democratic idealism, and all under the cover of electoral legitimacy and not the vote. History tells us that Rome did not fall to the Visigoths; it fell from internal rot and corruption. The “barbarians” merely moved into a vacuum of an already dead state. See any similarities? Lugar does, and I’m with him. Too bad he isn’t still a power within his party because the Visigoths are not at the gates; they’re running his party. Our task, if our tattered democracy is to survive, is to resist these fifth columnists as though our (and even their) lives depended on it – because they do.


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