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May 10, 2017


The greatest enemy of authoritarians and would be authoritarians is truth. Those who tell the truth and do not parrot the propaganda of those who want to seize all power must be eliminated. That includes journalists as well as politicians and other public figures and servants. If truth collides with the official version of people and events, then those who tell it must be eliminated one way or another.

How they are eliminated depends upon whether the age and success of such authoritarian rule has taken hold sufficiently to simply kill truth-tellers without consequence (see Putin and Hitler) or, as in our country where authoritarian rule is not yet sufficiently in charge to kill them, then to fire or otherwise discredit them so that truth is suppressed and authoritarian propaganda has no alternative in the public sphere. Propaganda becomes the only available truth in a system of managed thought, a system that would make Dr. Goebbels proud. Democracy is destroyed as we revert to an age of kings and emperors.

We are seeing a growing list of those who are discredited by Trump via his Bannon-inspired sacks and other means of elimination in labeling anything or anybody who varies from the official line as purveyors of “fake news.” Journalists are liars and those who believe such “fake news” are merely smarting over their loss in the last election and unwilling to accept “the will of the people,” (which it wasn’t).

Trump’s narcissistic fantasies constitute the new truth and thus the new standard for decision on such real world issues as withdrawal from the Paris Accord, protectionism via tariffs and other means to control world trade not only of China but our Canadian and Mexican neighbors, arming Kurds who are the bitter enemies of the Turks (whose dictatorial leader Trump recently called to congratulate on the Turkish leader’s accession to dictatorship), Trump’s reference to the North Korean child dictator as “a smart cookie,” Putin as “a strong leader,” NATO threats, unconstitutional attempts to enforce racist and religious policies, and the list goes on and on. Anyone of any political stripe who does not saree the makings of would be authoritarian rule leading to dictatorship with such schemes and threats in this country is not paying attention.

Thus we come to the firing of Comey, the FBI director, who had the temerity to ask for more resources recently to investigate the Russian-Trump connection. Trump is always and eternally complaining of leaks in government circles that slow his move to authoritarian rule, but I am of the view that there were leaks by pro-Trump “leakers” about what Comey knew and was going to tell investigators about Trump’s connivance with the Russians and that Comey needed to be removed. Trump may well owe Comey his electoral success with Comey’s ill-timed reopening of old Hillary wounds during the recent election, but that was yesterday. If Comey were going to testify about Trump’s connections with Putin and Russian oligarchs and banks and money laundering through the Bank of Cyprus, then he had to go. Truth cannot be tolerated in the march to “destruction of the administrative state” per Bannon. Truth is an obstacle to the planned power grab by authoritarians such as Trump, who does not agree with the maxim that this is “a country of laws, not men.”

Other recent examples of ridding truth from the public domain include gag orders to federal agencies that require “the new truth” to be official policy, the firing of Yates as AG and the federal attorney for the Southern District of New York (who would have had jurisdiction of Trump’s person) etc. To reiterate, truth cannot be tolerated where authoritarian control is not a by-product but the rationale for governing, and those who would insist on truth in governing must be eliminated.


So will Trump’s replacement appointment of a new FBI director tell the truth or will his or her vetting process include a blood oath to cover up such mysteries as to why Trump will still not put Putin down for his murderous and dictatorial rule of the Russian Republic, why people who lie are promoted and those who tell or are threatening to tell the truth are fired, why he appointed a co-director of the Bank of Cyprus (a notorious and well-known money laundering operation for Putin and Russian oligarchs) as his Commerce Secretary etc. etc. etc.? So what does Wilbur Ross, the Commerce Secretary (as well as Putin) have on Trump? How many people have Trump blackmailed both here and abroad?

Where there is smoke, we are told, there is fire, and one can confidently predict that where there is fire, there is fire. I think Trump is up to his ears in Russian complicity, that he is desperate to change and deflect the issue from public scrutiny, and that Comey was preparing to deliver damming evidence under oath that would have had impeachment and perhaps indictment effects. As in 1984, truth must be suppressed if dictatorship is to survive, suppressed until non-truth becomes the norm, after which such system has its own history to be followed, as we saw with Hitler’s short-lived experience as dictator.

I can’t speak for everybody, but I for one totally reject authoritarian control and the propaganda that supports such systems in favor of our democratic institutions, or what is left of them after Bannon’s assault on such a precious system via a clueless real estate operator. So what are we going to do about it? We must resist at all levels and at all times in (politically speaking) this battle of Bunker Hill, where Trump is, unless held to account, en route to being the new King George.     GERALD      E


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