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May 17, 2017


Is our national security adviser McMaster (the supposedly worthy successor to disgraced #1 Flynn) in danger of losing his lofty post to national security adviser #3? Is he so anxious to hold his position that he would lie or otherwise slant the evidence of the latest (and most important) atrocity yet committed by his boss, Trump, who has given “highly classified” intelligence to the Russians, intelligence engendered by Israel? McMaster has publicly stated that the conversation Trump had with the Russians lately “was appropriate,” though he dodged repeated questions from the White House Reporting Corps about whether such information given was classified. Appropriate? Who says (other than those who work for Trump)?

We are told that the American press was excluded from the conclave but not why they were and that only the two Russian officials and a Russian news photographer (probably a spy) were there to listen to Trump, so if McMaster was not there, how does he know what was discussed and how does he know whether such interchange was or was not “appropriate?”

Furthermore, if his opinion is based on what Trump told him was discussed, such is hardly reliable since Trump is a known prevaricator who makes up his own facts to fit the occasion, especially when trying to cover his own tracks, and while a president has broad powers to declassify information on the spot, broad does not mean unlimited and at some point such disclosures fade from propriety into treason. Trump’s post- sellout attempts to cast the discussion as one on how to contain ISIS is likely cover for his unmasking of an ally’s help with intelligence and subjects such ally (Israel) to Russian targeting. On behalf of my country and the one you unmasked with your bragging mouth, thanks for nothing, Don. Whose side are you on?

There have probably been many CIA agents and other American intelligence officers who have died to keep secret the secrets such as those Trump has so cavalierly handed over to the Russians, and with this, his worst atrocity to date, one can only wonder what other hard-won secrets we have which he in his typical braggart fashion will disclose to the Russians, and perhaps others. This is the same Trump who publicly called the dictator of North Korea “a smart cookie,” and there is talk in diplomatic circles that there could be a meeting between the two. Let us hope that the American press is invited to such a potential meeting and are privy to any conversations between the two of them should such a meeting ever be held.

Republican leaders in Congress won’t do anything toward reining in this narcissistic know-it-all masquerading as president, so the press is our last access to truth. The press is not “the enemy of the people” per Bannon and Trump; the press is rather our guardian of truth and should be supported in the face of unrelenting presidential propaganda that is plainly seeking authoritarian control of America.

Finally, and this question has to be asked, what in the world beyond Trump’s narcissistic sense of superiority could explain his giving “highly classified” intelligence to the Russians, a fact that even our national security adviser does not answer by deflecting the issue not as to whether such intelligence was classified and given but rather that the intelligence given was not “appropriate?” I think that whether the intelligence given was appropriate is a subjective matter based on facts McMaster cannot know and that his expressed views are thus at least suspect if not unbelievable. Let’s engage in a bit of right wing conspiracy: Did Trump give “highly classified” intelligence to the Russians as a payoff to keep Putin and his oligarchs’ mouths sealed in this high-stakes blackmail game resulting from past briberies, loans and money laundering, or is this just an act of a greenhorn and inexperienced president who meant well?

You be the judge; I have made my judgment. I think Trump is a menace to the Republic, that with his narcissistic mindset and manufactured facts from another world and the power a president has things are not going to improve, that he has committed several impeachable offenses (this and the Comey obstruction of justice being salient), and that he must be removed not as a matter of American politics but as a matter of American survival as a viable First World nation grounded in democracy.

The choice is ours, not that of the Supreme Court or a Republican House which (to date) has refused to bring a motion for impeachment. A truly aroused citizenry can do wondrous things, as our own history suggests, so let’s get on with becoming aroused because, among other things, you cannot love your country when it isn’t yours. This is no time to passively watch our democracy go down the drain. Presidents come and go but if our democracy goes down the drain, it’s over. We will have been destroyed from within.

I as a citizen therefore demand that the House of Representatives impeach Trump and that a grand jury be called to consider whether he has committed criminal acts with a view toward his prosecution. This goes far beyond who wins and loses elections and the usual political issue brawls between the two parties; we are literally talking about survival, so let’s get aroused in this struggle to maintain and expand our democracy, which undergirds America itself, and which, as I frequently write, is one of the last few things worth dying for.       GERALD      E


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