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May 20, 2017


Lindsay Graham, that square-shooting straight-laced hawkish senator from South Carolina who never saw a defense spending bill he didn’t like and who trades regularly and cravenly upon the true heroism of his comrade in arms in the Senate, John McCain, made the giant leap from the House to the Senate on the back of the Bill Clinton scandal years ago. Bill told one lie, Graham and others piled on, and the House impeached him, only to have the Senate at the trial fail to remove Clinton from office.

Graham and others in the House greatly profited politically from such a public exercise  and show of their own (if pretended) ethics and morals, and while I hold no brief myself for Clinton’s conduct, it amounted to one lie that brought on the ire (real or pretended) of the House members striking for Senate seats. These House members were outraged by Clinton’s one lie. They were “shocked! shocked!” as was the French police officer in the classic film, Casablanca.

Apparently the bar has been considerably lowered by Republicans for treatment of sexual shenanigans by the current president. He demonstrably lies regularly and incessantly.  He has openly boasted of grabbing women’s genitals and said that he could get by with it “because I am a star.” He is on his third marriage and has cheated on all his wives past and present. He has written how he would like to _____ certain women and has in general conducted himself around women as though they were just flesh to be conquered. By contrast, witness (as I have) his conduct with unconquerable women, women such as Prime Minister May of Great Britain and Chancellor Merkel of Germany. His body language tells it all; this disturbed man can barely stand to look at such women, apparently because they do not fit his sick definition of women as conquerable flesh.

Whatever his state of mind around women, I am a lawyer and not a shrink, and this essay is not about Trump’s sick response to women but about the total silence of the Republican majorities in both the House and Senate in the face of such admitted sexual fantasies this man has admittedly played out in real time (in addition to the many lawsuits against him for sexual harassment). Why the silence, Senator Graham? Aren’t you “shocked, shocked,” or, alternatively, is it that you now have no aspirations to higher office as you did when joining in the crucifixion of Bill Clinton – for telling one lie? Where is your response to hundreds if not thousands of lies and the admitted sexual antics of the man currently masquerading as president? Is there no shock to your moral and ethical sensibilities just because this president has an R rather than a D beside his name? Just what are your ethical and moral sense of things, Senator? Have you totally sacrificed your sense of ethics and morality on the altar of politics?

While I am picking on Senator Graham, my complaint is applicable to every Republican member of the House and Senate. Where are they? We have an arguably-definable madman on the loose in the highest office of the land, one whom they supported, one who is doing incalculable damage to America and its interests both at home and abroad, and what do we hear from those who foisted off this clueless creature mired in narcissism and sexual and other fantasies? Nothing! Nothing but deafening silence!

I think that silence under such circumstances where there is an unquestionable duty to speak up is tantamount to approval of more than just Trump; it amounts to standing by while America and its democratic institutions are being destroyed in plain view as Putin wins and our democracy goes down the drain – never to return – and as I often blog, presidents come and go, but our democracy must persist, otherwise all of us (including Republicans) go down the drain. (Think Rome, 381 A.D.). It doesn’t have to be this way. Republicans, wake up! Your (and our) country is at stake! Speak up!     GERALD      E






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