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May 30, 2017

    I answered Professor Shelia Kennedy’s blog today as follows, slightly edited for blogging purposes. The reference to Todd is my response to his response to her blog, which was well written and perceptive. The rest is my response to their observations along with some of my own this day.

    Todd – Excellente! And in a nutshell! The undeserving are those of all colors on Wall Street. The undrained swamp is in the White House and growing deeper by the hour. Trump’s Divide and Conquer strategy is reminiscent of Nixon’s Southern Strategy and finds support (though for different reasons) in suburbia among the 50 dollar an hour class and among those in rural America who make minimum wages (if working) and are in desperate need of scapegoats to explain their plight. Trump will figure all this out and make America great again, by crackey!

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch of reality, Merkel has assumed the mantle of leadership of the Western World (with the approval of her domestic opponents), a position vacated by Trump with his mouth and tweets and apparent blackmailed position with his Russian connections, who sees foreign policy through the windshield of a golf cart where protection of his economic and political posterior comes before country. A delighted Putin could never have guessed that he could disrupt the democracy of the West and dismantle NATO and perhaps even remove the dollar as the world’s reserve currency so easily.

    I think the blackmail in this case is a mutual one. Putin keeps his mouth shut about Trump’s connections with Russian banks and oligarchs and Trump keeps his mouth shut about Putin’s money laundering via the Bank of Cyprus, a well-known money laundering operation for rubles into dollars destined for Western investments from a “bank” whose co-managers were formerly a Russian and Wilbur Ross, now Trump’s Secretary of Commerce who, by virtue of his office and among other duties, is heavily involved in policing sanctions against Iran and, you guessed it, Russia. See any problems? I do. The odor in this Moscow-Washington axis on the executive level has graduated from faint to stench but, by crackey, we’re gonna make Russia great again (not a typo)! Yesiree!

    Speaking of odors and draining swamps, what are we to make out of Trump’s son in law Kushner’s attempts to establish a “back channel” connection with Russia away from the prying eyes of our intelligence agencies? When Kushner was caught, our new national security adviser, McMaster, in defending him, says we have “back channel” connections with many countries as though the Kushner attempt were no big deal. What McMaster (who likes his job and knows what happened to his predecessor after only 24 days in office before being fired by Trump) didn’t tell us was that such “back channels” were with trusted allies and not with the likes of Iran and/or Russia. Would FDR had “back channel” chatter with Hitler during WW II? Wilson with the Kaiser during WW I? Bush with bin Laden during the Afghan invasion? McMaster failed to make that distinction so I will make it for him. He, after all, should be able to come up with a better spin in explaining Kusher’s seditious conduct than that, and what conduct are we discussing here?

    I think Kushner’s plan was necessary, among other things, in order to find an alternative to keep the good old days of money laundering Russian rubles into dollars through the Bank of Cyprus to buy Trump’s and his own real estate and branding intact now that everyone in the world knows that the “bank” was a front for an enormous money laundering undertaking by Putin and his oligarchic friends to get their stolen rubles out of the country and into American and other Western real estate and other investments. Now that “the enemy of the people” (aka the American press) is watching the Bank of Cyprus like a hawk, the money laundering operation is drying up, at least insofar as American co-conspirators such as Trump and Kushner are  directly concerned, though it may be doing well with non-American intermediators who subsequently corral such dollars into American real estate and other investments covered, of course, as in Swiss banks, with layers of trustees so that the true owners of such investments (Putin and Russian oligarchs) cannot be determined.

    Meanwhile, I have a question for Kushner. When are you going to remove your real estate office from the Oval Office and start paying rent?   GERALD       E

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