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June 20, 2017


I have written on Rasputin’s connection with the Russian Romanoff Dynasty earlier, as my followers may recall, a peculiar linkage because of their very different backgrounds. The Romanoff’s Czar and Czarina were the last two of the Romanoff dynasty, a family that included Peter the Great and Catherine the Great in earlier Russian history. They were Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra, the unquestioned rulers of Russia. Their rule was overthrown by communists in 1917 under the leadership of Lenin and his sidekick Stalin who succeeded him when Lenin died in 1924 and who ruled Russia until after WW II. The czar, his wife and their children were jailed during the Russian Revolution and murdered on Lenin’s orders, as was Rasputin somewhat earlier.

Rasputin was known as the “mad monk” from Siberia and never spent a day in school. He migrated to St. Petersburg, leaving a wife and children back in Siberia, and developed a reputation as “faith healer” of the Oral Roberts type and claimed to be able to cure diseases with his calls on divine intervention. His reputation spread to such an extent that it caught the attention of the Czarina Alexandra, who had a son with a condition her best doctors could not cure, so the royalty brought him into the castle and, miraculously, the royal son (and possible czar apparent) became healthy again. Alexandra became enamored of his curative abilities, thought he was a man of God, and kept him around the castle as part of the royal staff.

Rasputin quickly established himself as more than a faith healer. He began to advise Czar Nicholas II on political and economic matters and made himself indispensable around matter of state, always supported by the czarina who was persuaded that he had saved her son’s life and was a man of God.

So now enters today’s wannabe Lenin from Stage Far Right, one Bannon, a sometime movie producer, a  one-time Navy officer, a one-time Goldman Sachs banker, and a onetime chief of a publication featuring alt-news “news” who now is Trump’s closest adviser. (But wait! Isn’t Lenin the guy who murdered the  Czar, the Czarina and their children – and countless others – and this guy claims to be a Leninist – in America?) Bannon has said for all the world to hear that he is a “Leninist” and is dedicated to “the destruction of the administrative state.” Unlike Rasputin, he has been to school and does not pretend to act as an agency between God and the health of anybody; he rather wishes to exercise the power Lenin exercised in the “destruction of the administrative state.” He is not clear as to what form of government he advises to succeed the administrative state after its destruction and even though he professes to be a “Leninist,” such new government would not necessarily be communist in nature.

It might not even be a form of government known to us as of now; it might be capitalist-centered but in some form of libertarian free-for-all in a wild west marketplace free of all government control via rules and regulations which were, after all, blights of the former and now extinct administrative state. I don’t know what kind of government (if any) would succeed destruction of the administrative state, but from Bannon’s utterances to date I think whatever form it takes will be under the mantle of authoritarian control, much as that of both former Czar and Czarina and Leninist pre- and post- communist Russia.

Rasputin had an easier job than Bannon has to control affairs of state. Russia at the time (and since) had  a history of authoritarian control during the Romanoff Dynasty and dynasties before that. There was no democratic history with which to understand the difference between total royal control and a much more citizen-controlled means of choosing the governors by the governed. Bannon, on the other hand, wishes to establish some form of authoritarian control over the citizens of this country, a country steeped in democracy, and who, unlike the Russians, know the difference between dictatorship and elected leaders. I think Bannon has the tougher job in imposing authoritarian control and that if he foresees some form of free for all libertarian control of our economy without rules it will be even more necessary to have authoritarian control as in Orwell’s 1984 because we citizens will remember the days of democracy and, unlike those in 1984, perhaps take to the streets to reinstate our democracy.

The solution to our problem, of course, is removal of this self-professed “Leninist” from a position of power in the inner council of the Trump administration. If we are to save our democracy from Putin and other such dictators from without who wish us ill by, among other things, destroying our democracy with their electronic shenanigans, then we are similarly obligated to rid ourselves of dictatorship from within by those such as Bannon who, like Rasputin, managed to penetrate the inner circles of a government led by a man who (literally) doesn’t know what he is doing – or doesn’t care, a man named Trump.

Finally, and as can be seen, those of us who support Trump are supporting Leninism to the extent Trump takes the advice and counsel of his chief adviser and self-professed Leninist, Bannon, and transforms such advice into policy initiatives that contravene our democratic institutions, an intolerable result because, as I have written many times, democracy is our most precious asset held in common and is one of the last few things left worth dying for.     GERALD      E


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