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June 22, 2017


The Sixth Congressional District of Georgia is known as Georgia 6 in familiar terms. A few days ago there was a special election to fill that congressional seat vacated by then Congressman Price, who was appointed by Trump to a post in his administration. Georgia 6 is a deep red congressional district and Price won it by 23 points last fall prior to his appointment. This time the Republican candidate won it by some three points, a twenty point spread from Price’s win in the fall of 2016.

The media had trumpeted the Georgia 6 special election of a few days ago as a test of Trump’s popularity and a measure of how he was performing to date. With the Republican win in that election, albeit by only three points and in a deep red Republican district, the Republican spin machine went into action. I read and heard in the mainstream press of how this was a win for Trump, that Republicans were elated and Democrats depressed with the electoral result. Huh?

The Republican spin machine has this reversed, and as a Democrat I am elated and certainly not at all depressed with a negative  swing of twenty points which tells me that Trump and his performance to date are deeply unpopular, even in a deep red district, and unless we are willing to overrule the law of arithmetic, Republicans are the ones who should be depressed. The Republicans have to now explain how a twenty point swing to the Democratic candidate in deep red Georgia Six proves that Trump’s performance to date is so great, especially when the Republican candidate lost by a spread of twenty points from Price’s performance last fall, and how a negative twenty point spread from last fall could possibly be called a victory for Trump. It may be a victory for Trump in his narcissistic world and that of Orwell where facts (even those of arithmetic) can be massaged to suit the massagers, but facts remain facts, and the only rational conclusion that can be drawn from the results of the Georgia 6 election is that Trump and his performance to date have suffered a disastrous decline of twenty points.

It appears that the Republican spin machine which, like Trump with his claim of “a landslide win” in his own campaign when he lost by millions of votes and won by geography, has decided that the special election in Georgia Six is a great win and vindicates Trump’s performance to date. The spin machine has also apparently decided, like Trump, to simply deny reality, and the reality is this: Trump’s popularity and performance to date nosedived in a deep red congressional district by twenty points, and who won or lost in such election is immaterial as a measure of this Trump count.

The Republican spin machine has apparently decided to join Trump’s narcissistic world in interpreting any result of any election as a victory for Trump because that is the result they want irrespective of arithmetic and reality. How a dip of twenty points can be interpreted as a “win” is beyond me, but then I live in the world of reality where two and two are still four and not some hazy world of narcissistic fantasy with an authoritarian bent reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984.

In isolated context where only Trump and his performance to date are to be considered as measured by the recent election in Georgia 6, I am delighted. When there is a twenty point negative spread based on Trump and/his performance to date, such a huge difference in a matter of only months since last fall tells me that both Republicans, Democrats and Independents are not happy with either Trump and/or his performance to date, even in deep red states, and that is neither spin nor fantasy – it’s arithmetic – and augurs well for the future.   GERALD      E


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