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July 29, 2017


It is clear as clear can be that we do not have a Republican administration in charge but rather a Trump administration in charge and that government in all of its manifestations has to bend to his personal will in all matters of state and of personal matters as well. People he appoints to cabinet and other important positions are mere political chattels who can be fired on his whim for not protecting him from his entanglements with Russia, his obvious conflicts of interest, his policies made and announced via tweeting without consultation etc.

The new purpose of government, apparently, is not to govern but to be sure that Trump’s narcissistic need for adulation is sated. He, again apparently, does not seem to understand or even care that the office of the President of the United States of America is a constitutional office, not one via medieval appointment from on high, and that with his constitutional powers come constitutional restraints. He is the chief executive, but there are two other co-equal branches of government involved per constitutional definition, too, the legislative and the judiciary. Someone remind him of that.

Yesterday we learned that his Chief of Staff was fired and a general appointed to fill that position. There have been several other such sackings at Trump’s instance, most of which serve as Trump’s cover for the chaos in the West Wing, in addition, perhaps, to not supplying the necessary grounds for adulation by Trump’s base who, like Trump, seem impervious to the reality that this emperor is wearing no clothes.

These perhaps well-intentioned but now fired members of his administration are scapegoats and treated like political chattels by a Trump who will throw anyone under the bus on a moment’s notice, including those who are replacing such fired former members of his administration. I don’t know whether people are counting or not, but a quick look at the current array in his cabinet are Wall Street bankers, generals, and politicians dedicated to destroy the agencies they have been appointed to head, hardly a group who would put America and its people above tax cuts for the rich and more defense appropriations for Boeing (remember when Trump in a speech before Boeing executives signed off with “God bless Boeing?”) and other defense industry goliaths. How to finance such corporate welfare? Easy. Cut appropriations for the poor, sick and needy, and hand the savings over to the superrich via tax cuts.

The chaos in this administration will not be solved by firing first one and then another scapegoat because Trump is the source of the chaos, a chaos which is on the edge of becoming structural. Simply put, he doesn’t know what he is doing and is seemingly unaware of the implications of what he says or doesn’t say in such matters as the Paris Accords, NATO, trade and currency matters, to name but a few. There are matters of importance that government should be attending to like Putin with his cyberwarfare, North Korean missiles, chronic wage inequality that keeps us on the edge of recession, a threat to our world reserve currency status, our massive trade deficits and many other areas of concern, but first we must assure the president that he is loved and is making enormous strides toward making America great again. Such issues as here set forth can wait for solution. First things first.

Trump has blustered and bullied his way to the Oval Office and has appointed a new communications director who promptly used the same tactics as the new hatchet man for Trump in his tough and dirty putdown of Trump’s Chief of Staff fired yesterday. So who’s next on Trump’s tweet list? I think it is Sessions, who Trump now conveniently blames for recusing himself from all matters Russian due to the AG’s connections with Russians during Trump’s campaign. However, I predict that neither Trump nor his new firebrand hatchet man will fire Sessions because Sessions, broadly speaking, represents the South and Trump cannot afford to alienate all those red states. I am guessing that Sessions will be offered another post in Trump’s administration so as not to tear this political scab loose with Dixie.

Sessions is, politically speaking, a dead man walking, since he has been criticized by Trump recently for recusing himself from all matters Russian. Note that Trump’s criticism has nothing to do with how Sessions is handling his duties as AG, only that the recusal is adverse to Trump’s personal interests in trying to distract the various investigations of his Russian connections leveled at himself, his family, his admitted Leninist close adviser and other Russian-friendly advisers sitting next to his throne.

Here again it is not a coming sack (or lateral appointment move) of the AG due to failure to perform his duties as America’s top lawyer; it is rather because the AG has positioned himself not to be able to end our only non-political investigation into Trump’s Russian connections and his love affair with Putin headed by Mueller and end or at least hamper Mueller’s investigative efforts and thus take the heat off Trump, the number one responsibility of all Trump’s cabinet members irrespective of the portfolios they are charged to administer in governing, since governing is always a secondary consideration if they want to keep their jobs. The unspoken but well understood rule is: Cover my posterior or you’re gone.

I have a different view and it is this: Govern effectively and fairly or you’re gone.     GERALD      E

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