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September 22, 2017

This is a mea culpa to the above captioned blog which I published yesterday in which I  inadvertently wrote that the Chinese knew the route around the Cape of Good Hope centuries before da Gama rounded South Africa. It should have read “long before,” not centuries before.


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  1. Niel Johnson permalink

    Jerry – You are as mistake-free, as anyone I know, and none of us is infallible–not even the Pope, who is right on most issues, except for his opposition to contraception and homosexual marriage.   I am just now seeing excerpts of Trump and his sheep-like cheering section in Huntsville, AL.  He says he loves Alabama, as if that is any surprise, since it is one of the most backward states in the country.  Not much progress since 1948 when the Alabamans voted for Strom Thurmond. Trump’s juvenile posturing remains as a trademark of his character and personality.  He says he going to handle Korea, which should have been done by his predecessors.  That sounds a bit ominous.  I don’t think calling Kim Jong-un “little Rocket Man” is a credible start.  Nor is it humorous, as some may think.  So now there will be a contest of insults between Trump and Kim, as if the rest of us are just part of the audience.  But reality will arrive, and then what?   Meanwhile, a fortunate incident would be for Jong-un to exit the earth, but without our involvement.   CNN is running a program on Trump and the use of Twitter.  One comment made is that Trump knows that audiences like conflict, so that helps connect him to his crowds.  These crowds also don’t care about the details of how he is going to do great things; they just know that as a very wealthy businessman, he knows how to get things done.  I think that is called mindless wishful thinking.  Douglas Brinkley, noted Presidential historian, says that Trump has not even read a Presidential biography, and is one uninterested in reading history.  He calls him a “persona” President, one who plays the role of President, and works it as a kind of a reality show. Brinkley says if Trump implodes, it will be because of Twitter, by his taking it too far, into absurdity-as in demeaning the U.S. intelligence agencies and showing himself as unpredictable and unreliable.  One of those interviewed speculates that some classified data may be held back from him for fear of it getting into a tweet. .Still, millions love his tweets, which says something about the wisdom and insight of the average American.         Last Wednesday and Thursday, Nancy and I were host to a cousin (once removed), Kandi, her husband, and her mother.  Kandi and her daughter Beth had visited Swedish relatives in early June, and we had a grand time reminiscing about that, and seeing a slide show from her smart phone connected to the TV set. Of course, we had to tour the Truman Library and the World War I museum, as well as having lunch with Dave in the Crayola Cafe at the Crown Center.  They also did some genealogy research at the Midwest Genealogy Center.  Kandi has been very gracious about thanking me (and V.G.) for opening the door to meeting our mutual relatives in Sweden, beginning in 1991.  These are relatives on my mother’s side.  By the way, I have yet to hear a Swedish relative say anything positive about our President. Later,  Niel                                     

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