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September 25, 2017


I cannot speak for everyone, obviously, but this latest psychotic outburst by Trump aimed at professional football and basketball players when he called them “sons of bitches” does it for me. He has to go. I had hoped that our third grade sandbox bully would finally back off his bully pulpit blather and understand that as president such garbage chatter is, to say the least, un-presidential. Vain hope! The only good thing to come out of his latest verbal assaults is that there are not many more people left to insult, if any.

He may even ultimately insult the murdering dictator Putin, one he usually compliments (for some reason) as “a strong leader” – and Mueller is hot on his trail to uncover that reason which, among other things discovered, I expect to see money laundering from the Bank of Cyprus, a well-known favorite Russian means for laundering rubles into dollars and other Western assets and a bank Trump’s present secretary of commerce, Wilbur Ross, co-managed with a Russian friendly with Putin and Russian oligarchs prior to his (Ross’s) appointment as secretary of commerce. The plot thickens (Ross) for Mueller’s investigation.

Let’s start where Trump started even before he was elected. Hillary became Crooked Hillary. His primary Republican opponents were given childish names and otherwise belittled personally. He insulted a federal judge of Mexican descent because he was of Mexican descent. Note to our child president > All judges are of some descent and descent is not a qualification for appointment or election of judges.

Lest we forget when faced with his daily twitter atrocities designed to distract us, he made it clear that women were overstepping their bounds, that he could grab their private parts and get away with it because he “was a star,” that the press (formerly known as the guardians of truth) was “the enemy of the people,” and, of course, that any member of Congress whether Democrat or Republican who disagrees with what he wants them to do should have primary opponents in their next election. God has spoken!

So now, this serial draft dodger who chose not to defend his flag and country tells the world that any professional athlete who will not stand for our national anthem and presentation of the colors should be fired – this from a coward who did nothing for his country or flag when called upon to serve. He ignores the rights of citizens under the First Amendment but is more than anxious to preserve their Second Amendment rights under the current gun-toting holdings of the Supreme Court. Base coddling, anybody?

Note to Trump > The Constitution sets out the framework for how we have structured government and the first Ten Amendments (Bill of Rights) tell us what government (as judicially interpreted) cannot do. Neither you nor the Congress nor anyone else can discriminate against citizens of the United States on the basis of gender or color. Talk to your lawyers. Wake up. Understand what you can’t do. Are you so afraid of what Mueller will turn up that you are desperate to distract our attention from your Russian connections? Are you so afraid of handing over your tax returns which may show such connections that you daily attempt to distract our collective attention to such idiocies of playing patriot on such matters as standing for the national anthem? Patriot? Where were you when your country needed you, Donald?

When I first started the law practice, an old judge (in connection with a witness at a trial) told me that “that fellow lies on credit when he could get cash for the truth.” I think this truism has application to   Trump, who lies for those reasons and many more. I have had it, and no more Mr. Nice Guy from this corner in trying to pretend that anything coming out of his mouth is merely a contribution to the new normal. There is nothing normal in his conduct as president, and I intend to make that known. He is profit driven, untruthful, ignorant of history, morally incorrigible, vindictive, and enough is enough.  GERALD    E


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  1. Dee permalink

    The gloves are off, and deservedly so! This man is a danger to our society, our progeny, and our country. Thanks for telling it like it is…

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