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September 27, 2017


Hitler was once an altar boy in the Catholic Church but showed little but contempt for religion as an adult. He as chancellor knew how to deal with the priests. Per T. L. Jarman in a piece for the NYU Press in 1964, Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany, Hitler said, speaking of Catholic priests, “I shall certainly not make martyrs of them. We shall brand them as ordinary criminals. I shall tear the mask of honesty from their faces. And if that is not enough, I shall make them look appear ridiculous and contemptible.” And so he did, as priests were later accused of currency offenses and immorality, as though sending millions of people to the gas chambers by the Nazis were moral? When is it ever moral to kill millions of innocent human beings?

As for Protestants, Hitler noted that “You can do anything you like with them, they will submit. . . they are insignificant little people, submissive as dogs, and they sweat with embarrassment when you talk to them.” Jarman notes that Hitler had no use for Christianity, a religion of love and international brotherhood, which could be left to decay in the new Nazi Germany, as it did with the rise of the Nazis.

What twisted logic this sick man offered and sold to his fellow Germans with his baseless blather of a superior Aryan race destined to overcome the human vermin represented by Jews and Marxists who, he insisted, were responsible for the German defeat in WW I and the ignoble Treaty of Versailles rather than a defeat of Germany’s military forces! In other words (a la Trump, and speaking of sick men) whatever happens or will happen is someone else’s fault, never mine, nor that of the noble German armies in WW I who were betrayed by Jews and Marxists, nor, transposing, the latest defeat of Trump’s health care bill.

In a show of blatant racism and nationalism, the new Nazi Germany state was substituted for religion as the new God to be worshipped. See any connection between such racist white supremacy and nationalism in Hitler’s day and that proposed by Trump with his “fire the people who will not stand up for the flag directed to our 70% black players in professional football? I do. Doesn’t Trump understand that the flag symbolizes the right to peacefully assemble and exercise one’s First Amendment right to disagree? Sure he does. He is just stirring the pot to distract us from what is his real and abiding concern, to wit: Mueller’s investigation into his Russian connections and, divisively enough, also feeding his base’s worst instincts.

I never heard of Richard Spencer, the neo-Nazi mouthpiece for the white supremacy nationalists who even has his own think tank to disseminate his white supremacy nationalism to the masses, but I have now. Trump has unleashed a racial genie from the bottle with his failure to condemn such admittedly Nazi-based propaganda, instead rather feeding such racist stereotyping with his tacit approval by calling professional athletes “sons of bitches” who should be fired for kneeling when our national anthem is played and our flag displayed, a right to do so protected by the First Amendment to our Constitution. I find this at odds with Trump’s own conduct in that a cowardly Trump was a serial draft dodger who had a lying doctor write a letter to his draft board that he had disabling “bone spurs” on his ankles, though videos later showed him playing tennis with no discernible “bone spur” problems. Now he waves the flag he chose not to defend? Hypocrisy, anyone?

Spencer, like Hitler, plays upon the Aryan principle by announcing that the white race is superior and that all others should go home. Intermarriage among the races is abominable, non-Whites are by nature not as intelligent as European-based whites, non-Whites are a drag on the economy etc. etc. etc. His views go beyond the merely Eurocentric; they are racist to the core. There exists no science-based evidence of differences between races, intellectual or otherwise; only the myth of superiority exists, one Spencer is dedicated to perpetuate with his contorted view of reality. Hitler is gone but his venom remains, and our task is to repudiate those who spread such an evil virus. This is the first of my contributions.     GERALD       E


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