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September 28, 2017


Hannah Vogt, in her treatise, The Burden of Guilt, tells us we should not have been surprised at the excesses Nazis went to when empowered since Hitler in his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle) told the world what he had in mind years before. Hitler wrote his book in 1924 and offered a hodgepodge of assertions and demands which allowed everyone to choose what he or she liked in his program, but one thing was perfectly clear from his book: Jews were to be deprived of all official positions and placed under a so-called “alien law.”

His book also laid bare the methods and goals of his “struggle,” and readers today are shocked to know that he outlined his fanatical goals long before seizing power. Perhaps, like today in this country, Germans were not paying attention. They were either deceived or wanted to be deceived. Vogt points out that the Nazi Party’s philosophical base (formulated by Hitler) was threefold: “Struggle is the father of all things. Moral excellence derives from the race. Leadership is inborn and decisive.”

She writes that “This raised brute force to the level of a supreme principle. On the ‘iron logic of nature’ the weaker had to yield to the strong. The Aryan race alone was, in Hitler’s opinion, strong, creative, and ‘culture bearing;’ it alone was capable of idealism and self-sacrifice for the more valuable community. Jews, on the other hand, appear as the shadow, the counter-race, as bearers of all evils, ‘destroying everything.’” (This sounds very much like present day racists/neo-Nazis/ David Duke and Richard Spencer, whose views on white supremacy have yet to be contradicted by Trump, who seems to have joined Duke and Spencer with his calling of 70 percent black football teams “sons of bitches”).

The foregoing is prologue. I think it might be constructive in gaining a new perspective to compare the Nazi views with those apparently held by Trump and a substantial number of congressional Republicans. First I will set out the Nazi methods (as set forth by Vogt) and then compare them with Trump’s methods. She writes that Hitler had a low opinion of the masses whose support he was seeking, and that he wrote that “By and large the popular masses consist of unstable human specimens, given to doubt and insecurity. The people, in their overwhelming majority, are so feminine in inheritance and attitudes that they think and act less from sober thinking than from emotions and sentimentality. Such people could not be reached by sober and judicious arguments, nor by lukewarm or changeable propaganda slogans. Whoever wished to stir these dull masses must limit his propaganda to a few ideas again and again. They will remember the simplest ideas only after they had been drummed into their heads a thousand times.”

Remember Trump’s “build the wall” and “bring good paying jobs back from China?” This is a page straight out of Hitler’s propaganda playbook as above set forth (repetitious “few ideas” propaganda) and hardly amounts to “sober thinking or judicious arguments,” which Trump did not engage in during the run-up to the election, nor since, for that matter. While he did not engage in “sober thinking and judicious arguments” in the run-up to the election because he couldn’t and was ignorant (and still is) of the real issues confronting this country, he did know how to follow the recipe of Hitler by citing a few simple ideas (bridge and jobs) and drumming them into the heads of “the dull masses” a thousand times.

Never mind that 83 percent of the “jobs sent to China” never left but were victims of automation, and never mind that the 17 percent of the jobs that went to China would be largely automated even if they were to return, since even China is now automating routine factory jobs as I write this, and the wall? Where is it and what is its purpose?

The (Hitler defined) “dull masses” in this country have been sold a bill of goods by a real estate promoter sitting in the Oval Office, a clueless, childish narcissist who flits between our world and the otherworld he has concocted for himself, while hurling insult after insult against anyone and everyone to cover his structural inability to understand his role in tri-partite government anchored in the Constitution. It isn’t working. Bluffing, insulting and buffoonery are not components of effective governing.

Vogt writes that Nazi Party newspapers “were not moderate and that party leaders generally spiced their speeches with outrageous mudslinging. Unbridled abuse of the political opponents was a systematic part of Nazi propaganda, and it was customary to call out members of parliament belonging to other parties, especially the Marxists.”

Remember Crooked Hillary, Lying Ted, Little Marco et al.? Remember sons of bitches? Remember an Indiana-born and raised federal judge of Mexican descent who Trump said was prejudiced because he was of Mexican descent? Trump has routinely insulted Republicans as well as Democrats, something a Nazi versus Nazi publicity stunt Hitler never would have tolerated, with a late night visit of the gestapo likely to result from such an insubordinate act.

I could but for time and space cite many other situations where Hitler and Trump used the same or similar propaganda in manipulating the vote of the “dull masses,” but the reader will get the idea from the few comparisons I have made. Finally, I note that while Trump has insulted almost every man, woman and child on the planet, he has had nothing but praise for the murdering dictator Putin, who he calls “a strong leader,” and I continue to wonder why. Perhaps Mueller will elucidate us by solving this mystery in the coming months and years via grand juries and indictments.  Perhaps.       GERALD        E

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