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October 19, 2017


Trump promised a grieving relative of a dead soldier a personal check of $25,000 but neglected to send it until his non-performance became public, after which we are told that the check is in the mail. Trump said that the insurance companies were making tons of money under Obamacare and that the current bill before Congress would end that, but the filings of the insurance companies with regulatory agencies show that the insurance companies are losing billions.

Trump says that football players should not kneel when the colors are shown and our anthem played, but he was a serial draft dodger who refused to serve his country when his services were needed which, in my view, is a far worse offense than kneeling when the colors are shown and the anthem played as a First Amendment right to protest guaranteed by the blood of patriots from Bunker Hill to today. When thinking of Trump, the term “coward” comes to mind, especially since his draft deferments were based on his doctor’s letter to his draft board citing ankle spurs which made him unfit for service, even though subsequent videos showing him playing tennis demonstrated no such impairment.

I could cite many other such moral and unethical and unpatriotic shortcomings Trump has routinely provided us daily, but I cannot professionally diagnose his obviously confused state of mind because I am a lawyer and not a shrink. I often write that Trump lives in a narcissistic haze in some otherworld he has constructed where he is the center of everything that happened, is happening and will happen, a world in which he has displaced Narcissus, but I am not qualified to offer real proof of such conjecture. I have to leave that to those who are qualified to make such diagnoses.

One of the people (whose right wing politics I abhor) is qualified to make such assessment of Trump’s mental state and it is the journalist/psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer, with whom I rarely agree on anything. Krauthammer, though neither he nor any other shrink of which I am aware has had Trump on the couch in a doctor-patient relationship, recently wrote a piece in which he opines that Trump is a mentally ill person and whose diagnosis from afar roughly parallels my amateur diagnosis.

Trump lives in two worlds, the one he has constructed, and the real world we inhabit. He flits backwards and forth between his world and ours, so it is not surprising that what we see as his confused state of mind (since we are excluded from his otherworld) is not confusion at all in his alternate world, a world in which he has announced (in our world) that he “knows more than all the admirals and generals” and other superlative self-supporting if manufactured surrealities – and then exports such brash (to us) statements as statements of fact to be observed as gospel in our world. I think that his mental illness lies in his inability to distinguish between the reality of his otherworld and the genuine reality of our world, and that it amounts to a structural deficit beyond mere narcissism (which all of us possess to some degree).

So how do we deal with a leader who says one thing one minute and changes his mind a minute later? A leader who says the check’s in the mail but only sends it when it is publicly discovered that the check was not in the mail? How do we deal with a leader who has groped women because “I am a star” and other such travesties as practiced in our world which are not travesties in his otherworld? Do we succumb to such (by our standards) convoluted thinking, abandon truth, agree to policy made by tweet, and, in words of the street, get over it?

I vote no to this wholesale attempt to abandon our democratic institutions, folkways and mores and the pursuit of truth by a mentally ill person bent on authoritarianism to fulfill his otherworld fantasies. He needs to be removed from our world via the 25th Amendment, indictment and/or impeachment, before his world becomes our world, and I await Mueller’s final report with the fervent hope that Trump is removed from our world and left to the vagaries of his otherworld. We deserve better – much better – and soon, lest there be nothing to save after such assaults on reason in our world.     GERALD       E






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