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October 20, 2017

Much has been made and is being made about Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood “casting couch” antics, universally decried, ranging from groping to and through rape. He has told us that “Everyone makes mistakes,” as though anything short of 100 percent on an arithmetic test can be equated with sating his primitive sexual instincts from a position of power on un-consenting women. Mistakes are errors in judgment, a quality that was not involved in his “the boss wants your body” insistence. No judgment and apparently no fear of the consequences were involved – just one-sided lust – his.

Harvey is en route to his exile in a social Elba via ostracizing from the Hollywood elite and their guilds and organizations. He is persona non grata there and elsewhere, a kind of an OJ in a world where most of us know right from wrong and what we have done and, unless restrained by social forces, might do again. Harvey has lots of money; perhaps he should take his Casanova instincts to a house of ill repute for the rest of his life on earth in a more business-like environment and pay for services rendered by willing partners.

Harvey richly deserves the figurative exile to Elba he has earned with his misconduct over the years, and the California prosecutors are looking into possible rape charges to be lodged against him as I write this. I don’t know at this time whether the prosecutors will present a case to the grand jury or not – we will see. Perhaps, perhaps not.
Given the above and the known propensities of Donald to grope women and even brag about it (along with his serial adultery and fornication), one has to wonder why we may want to jail Harvey while simultaneously electing Donald to the presidency. Why (based on such known moral deficiencies) isn’t Donald assigned his place in exile in a figurative Elba along with Harvey and the bones of Napoleon Bonaparte (who was a resident there some 200 years ago)? Why, comparatively speaking, is Donald free of social contempt and not in jail, especially when he is (disastrously) in a position to do far more harm to the country and the world than Harvey ever could with his (however despicable) lust for power over the bodies of un-consenting women?

I concede that there are better rationales for removing Trump from office and banishing him to some Elba than the one to which he and Harvey have enjoyed as fellow members in the power-lust game, but when hearing of Harvey’s social crucifixion for such conduct, it occurred to me that fair’s fair and that Donald should (especially with his other reams of misconduct) be sent to Elba as well.
As a one-time prosecutor and occasional grand jury deputy, I can report that it is easier to indict a defendant than it is to run the constitutional gamut leading to impeachment. However, since Harvey’s transgressions (horrid as they are) pale by comparison to those of Donald, I think it is past time to have a bi-partisan bill of impeachment presented to the House with a view (after Senate conviction) toward acquainting Donald with his new digs in Elba. GERALD E


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  1. Niel Johnson permalink

    Jerry – I agree and am waiting for impeachment to happen.  The delay for such an event, I am sure, will be longer than it should be.  When he grows up, he might try for the candidacy again, but he knows he would lose that too, and he can’t stand to be a loser.  So no more softballs for him, and we will be spared his  clumsy, self-serving twitters.  I got your note in the mail, and am glad your condo is generally in good shape.  Does that include the roof?                Niel

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