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October 22, 2017


Today we learn that Bill O’Reilly settled a previously undisclosed sexual harassment case for 32 million dollars; that the parent company (21st Century Fox) of his employer (Fox News) was aware of such settlement but nevertheless offered him a contract a month later which raised his 18 million dollar per annum salary to 25 million per annum. We now know that this is the sixth such settlement O’Reilly has made (and counting) and that his parent company considered that this matter was merely one between O’Reilly and the harassed woman, as if the owners or lessees on the premises on which such atrocities occurred had no responsibility for what transpired there. I will return to this issue later in this short essay.

Though the number of people in this country who take advantage of women via their superior employment and celebrity connections is doubtless legion and their identities largely unknown, O’Reilly makes the third known celebrity to be identified as one with uncontrolled lust and lack of self-control who takes advantage of his employment and/or celebrity position to sate his thirst for power over women, and I have decided to coin a phrase and name him along with two others as The Three Lustakeers. Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump are the other two members of this lusty trio, Weinstein by virtue of his Hollywood “casting couch” fame and Trump by his celebrity status derived from time spent on The Apprentice (“I can grab women by their vital parts and get by with it because I am a star,”) as though “stars” are exempted to be exempted from prosecution for criminal acts in a civilized society.

These Lustakeers are not young, but whether their physical bent is fed by testosterone or Viagra is immaterial; the larger question is what kind of mindset they have that makes them think they can invade the privacy and dignity of unconsenting women, as in, who the heck do they think they are? What kind of sick mind does it take to manufacture such antisocial nonsense? So far as I am concerned, such activities border on the criminal even when women consent but whose consent was induced by fraud and promises of gains in employment and salaries by the Lustakeers, who apparently look at their distaff employees and co-workers as though such on the job harassment is routine and somehow not really happening in the United States of America but rather in some otherworld Sodom and Gomorrah setting, an otherworld that doesn’t exist but one they have manufactured for themselves and their libidos where anything goes.

21st Century Fox admits to knowing that O’Reilly was using his celebrity status and Nielsens that enriched its corporate coffers by the zillions to get better jobs for women who went along with his lusty desires and not only did not do anything about it but even offered him a better contract for the four years’ following. Such known atrocities, at least some of which occurred on their premises but which they did nothing about, tell us a lot about their lust for profit, speaking of lusts, and though this may vary with the jurisdiction, it seems to me that they have some responsibility in tort for failure to police their own premises from known criminal activities, whether it is a hot bed for sexual harassment, an unlicensed gambling den, a child sex business, all irrespective of the loss of profits they may have to endure in order to do the right thing, i.e., help reduce crime rather than knowingly provide an environment for it to prosper in the name of profit.

I have concluded that these Three Lustakeers are rich in terms of material assets but are otherwise among the very poor and impoverished in the aggregation of assets that really matter, like honor, dignity and respect for one’s fellow man and woman in a democratic society. I have also concluded that I will henceforth boycott any products and services offered by 21st Century Fox, tangible or intangible.

The Supreme Court in Citizens United has decided that corporations are persons, and I don’t like irresponsible and immoral persons, including both the 21st Century Fox Corporation as a corporate person and the Three Lustakeers as human persons. It is time to call a spade a spade. They are not my kind, I want nothing to do with them, and I do not wish them well, whatever their pursuits.    GERALD        E


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