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November 1, 2017

Today I was invited to comment on a blog having to do with fake news and propaganda. The following was my contribution.

Our concern as a practical matter should be on the results of Geobbelspeak rather than the known fact that it exists. Thus Trump, the divider in chief and within hours of the New York massacre, has politicized this horrid event with his claim that Schumer orchestrated it through an immigration bill that was passed by a bipartisan vote and signed by the elder Bush in the 1990s. That is bad enough, but consider this: That Trump’s twitter blaming Americans for what happened yesterday inferentially exonerates ISIS and tells them that they won, that we as a people are scared, and that it is all our fault. In his psychotic zeal to win adulation and authoritarian rule he is not only dividing America but is willing to surrender what really made America great, to wit: our value systems lodged in our democratic institutions.
Trashing the press and creating doubt in other such systems are merely part and parcel of his broader attempt to create (Bannon-inspired) chaos so that he can (figuratively) come in on his white horse and save the castle from ruin, thus emulating people like Putin, who Trump says is “a strong leader,” and, of course, another strong leader and master of Goebbelspeak, one who burned the Reichstag and turned criminal gangs loose on the German people, Hitler.
So now we have a new grounds for at least his impeachment – giving aid and comfort to ISIS, and thus inviting further such atrocities like the one yesterday in New York, and about the only thing he could do that is worse than collusion with Russia to undermine our democracy and set himself up for a dictatorship of “law and order”in the ensuing chaos in the streets of America. He has to go, and soon, as there are signs that our social cohesion and our democracy are approaching meltdown status from these incessant attacks on their foundations.
Am I overdoing this scenario? I hope so. I hope I am wrong. I hope that this confrontation of democracy with dictatorship is only a political confrontation that will pass in time and is not a confrontation of basic ideas upon which America was founded. If so, then, as the philosopher noted, “this, too, shall pass.” However, in case I’m right or even partly so in my evaluation of the passing scene, we need to be prepared to save our democracy from all comers both within and without at all costs. Nothing is more important than our democracy, without which, as I often write, we are nothing more than ATMs for Wall Street.

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  1. One, the fact Trump was even considered presidential material should be a major alarm to any sane citizen who cares about the health, values and state of our democracy.

    Second, the fact Trump won with over 60 million votes (not the majority, nonetheless, 60 million is 60 million!) should be an even larger alarm to interested concerns of our democracy (or what is left).

    Third, the fact we are at a year now since Trump’s election and the GOP led Congress (and most Democrats) is actually allowing “business as usual” to attend our federal government as if nothing of any serious consequence is occurring with the Executive branch and, of course, Trump himself, should be raising not just red flags, but causing a stampede of public servants to implement any and all processes for impeachment and litigation against all who have worked with him in his/their multiple collusion with Russia.

    I am of the strong belief that the only difference between those who supported and voted for Bernie Sanders and those who supported and voted for Trump is NOT the issues they care about…but the person to address those issues in our federal government.

    The vote for Trump should be obvious as a vote AGAINST the two party system that has sold out to global corporations, military industrial complex and Wall Street. Indeed, these are the same issues for which I supported Sanders!!!

    Again, obviously, Trump is NOT anti-establishment or anti-Wall Street. To his credit, that is the biggest deal (con) he has ever pulled off in his sale to the American public.

    NONETHELESS, the root reasons people voted for him have NOT gone away. Indeed, our sold out corporate government of BOTH parties (even Obama is now making well paid speeches on Wall Street ala Clinton in his “retirement” years), the absence of livable wage jobs, crumbling infrastructure, rising health cost, continue unabated as we speak today. In other words…business continues, indeed, as usual.

    How do we stop the hiring of politicians by corporations and Wall Street? That is the key. Note that this crucial problem of a sold out political system beholden to an unfettered and unregulated Capitalism has been the norm for MOST of our history. Citizens United is NOT the cause. It has only made it obvious and, of course, legal. But it has ALWAYS been there.

    With the Electoral College, there is NO real democracy. Delegates and Super Delegates decide….NOT one person, one vote. Obscene.

    It seems obvious to me that the takeover of our governments at all levels (local, state and federal) by the Money/Investment Class these past 35 years is here to stay. These corporate beholden servants will NOT change legislation or policies that, literally, enrich them all. Why should they???

    Thank you, again, for your thought provoking (lost art in America with the destruction of education) article. Keep the light burning…for whatever it is worth!

  2. Niel Johnson permalink

    Jerry – As usual you are on the mark.  Now, we see Trump referring to our justice system as a joke, and further demeaning our democracy, as if he actually understood the concept of rule of law, which includes due process.  He is ready to lynch the terrorist who killed eight people on a bicycle lane in Manhattan, NYC.  Of course, we all feel that the criminal who was an immigrant from Uzbekistan should get severe punishment, putting him out of the way for the rest of his life. Trump should know that lynch law is unAmerican and unconstitutional and that using even tragedies as an excuse to demean leaders in the other party is another example of his juvenile and unstable emotional state.  He continues to chart a path toward impeachment, even though it may be a slow trip.         Niel 

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