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November 30, 2017


My followers know that I have suggested using the 25th Amendment in the past to remove Trump from office for his many offenses, but I only made such a suggestion a few times idly and with no fevered demand for his removal from office. My suggestion was more of a recommendation than a demand.

Events of the past few days have persuaded me that it is time to demand that Trump be removed from office. When his press secretary tells us that the president’s views can be based on non-facts; when Trump imports ultra-right wing hate for Muslims from an English conspiracy theory manufacturer to incite hate in this country; when he denies that he confessed to sexual predation (when we have it on tape); when he uses a racial slur in the presence of Navajo WW II heroes, when he calls neo-Nazis nice guys, and when he in general ignores truth in favor of false facts he manufactures in his otherworld to fit his narrative of reality (Obama was born in Kenya), it is time to remove this ailing president from office. He is mentally unfit to hold the highest office in the land and we can and must do better.

I have written several times that Trump lives in two worlds, one which he shares with Narcissus in admiring his visage in the pool, and one in our real world. His mind flits between one and the other and frequently his decisions made while under the influence of narcissism in his otherworld are presented to us in our real world as good policy positions when they are anything but by any reasonable standard. He also changes his mind on proposed policy positions willy-nilly within five minutes of one another so that we don’t know what or who he will favor or disfavor tomorrow. It’s time to end this charade.

Trump’s word is definitely not his bond and so his promises made to anyone about anything are at least questionable if not worthless. For instance, why would the North Korean dictator Kim negotiate with him about peace when he knows Trump has no regard for truth and his promises are subject to change in five minutes? Why indeed would anyone believe a word that comes out of his mouth as he retreats from our world to his otherworld for narcissistic solace, for self-praise and adulation, a world where truth is optional and alternative facts can be manufactured to fit already decided conclusions.

Much has been made about how he got this way. Is he mentally ill? Is he scared for his future given Mueller’s investigation of his Russian ties, multiple claims of sexual predation by some 16 women, money laundering, collusion with Putin in the last election, or is he simply an evil, selfish, classless, uncaring and uncompassionate human being fixated on making money, bullying anyone in his way, oblivious to the consequences of his actions or failures to act?

I think it is time to stop worrying about his problems and start worrying about ours. We have an unstable dictator armed with atomic missiles  in North Korea, we have a tax bill which if passed will (in my opinion) give us a recession next year or 2019 at the latest, we have the economic cancer of chronic wage inequality which continues to be unaddressed, swastikas in the street etc. Not only our democracy but our very existence is at stake and much of the reason why is sitting in the Oval Office.

I therefore demand that we dust off the 25th Amendment, remove Trump from office, abolish government by tweet, and save ourselves and our democracy. It’s time.    GERALD       E



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