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December 14, 2017

Though I am delighted with the outcome in Alabama, something happened yesterday that is perhaps more important in the long run than winning a seat in the Senate. I refer to crossover Republican votes, especially those of Republican women. They said no mas by their vote against the coarseness and insulting sexual and political misbehavior of such as the Trumps, Bannons and Moores. Dignity and respect trumped party, as well it should, and thus we are all winners, including Republicans who for their own reasons voted for Moore.

We have been drawn into Trump’s narcissistic otherworld swamp to such a point that we are not only allowing Trump to question our democratic institutions (FBI, State Department etc.) but even our folkways and mores (grabbing women, lying as truth, alternative facts etc.). I think the result yesterday will never bring us back to a Norman Rockwell existence where the little girl skips gaily down the sidewalk with her Easter basket (if it ever existed), but it will at least slow our fall into social as well as political and economic oblivion. I think there is a lot of room on the spectrum between Norman Rockwell and Trump’s grabbing women braggadocio and that yesterday’s watershed event signals a return to a less coarse and insulting America and hope for the future of a robust democracy as well. I am encouraged.


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