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December 28, 2017

I live and vote in Naples, Florida. Our local congressman (Rooney) came out a few days ago with a Stalinesque call to purge the FBI from elements who don’t like Trump. At about the same time he called for hero worship by the independent branch of our tripartite  government as a job requirement and after I fired off a letter to the editor, I was invited to comment on the sudden popularity of the word complicit by a lady professor to whose blog I regularly contribute. Following, slightly edited, was my response to her invitation.

Speaking of complicity, Congressman Rooney (from here in Naples) now wants to “purge” anti-Trump elements out of the FBI and, presumably, other police and intelligence agencies he labels as being members of some mythical “deep state” cabal that runs America. I have responded with a letter to the editor this morning calling for him to resign with his banana republic and Stalinist purge chatter designed to cover Trump’s possible involvement with Putin in the destruction of our democracy via Putin’s demonstrable interference in last fall’s election.

Few these days seem to understand that the judiciary is an independent branch of government with constitutionally-designed duties, among which is not one to protect anybody from the rule of law, including presidents (see Nixon). Interference with carrying out of such duties, it seems to me, is in itself obstructionist and as applied to foreign interference and depending upon the facts, possibly seditious or even treasonous.

Words such as complicity matter. For instance, a letter to the editor in the local blah laments the coming “liberal wave” and the spending certain to follow. Such people don’t look on the other side of the fiscal curtain. If they did they would see Republican spending that dwarfs Democratic spending, but  “spending” via “tax cuts” designed to fill the coffers of the rich at the expense of education, infrastructure, and other areas of interest to Democrats.

Similar laments are made by Trump and Republicans about too many rules and regulations that (though the Dow is at historic highs) are allegedly preventing investment and the profitable conduct of businesses, but they neglect to point out that every economy whether organized as a capitalist or socialist market has rules and regulations. The question at base is a political decision not based on rules and regulations but rather on who gets to make the rules and regulations. Republicans, even with the history of The Great Depression and Bush’s Great Recession as open books and harsh lessons on what can happen with lack of public regulation, want to leave the rule and reg authority to the rich and corporate class with minimum public input.

We saw how leaving rules and regs and/or lack of their enforcement to the rich and corporate class worked out as recently as 2007-2008. Remember the threat of international depression, trillions in lost home equity resulting from millions of foreclosures, bailouts, massive mortgage fraud  by Wall Street banks, etc.? I do, and it looked a lot like 1929. I for one am not hankering for a repeat of either 1929 or 2007-2008 with a Trump-led return to under-regulated trickledown/austerity economics and Wall Street policymaking. I have read economic history, so no, thank you.     GERALD       E


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