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January 14, 2018
On November 12, 2017, in response to an email by a friend, a retired CIA spy who was concerned with Trump’s ego and insecurity and hostility to our intelligence agencies and shortly after Trump had returned from his trade tour to the Orient which he pronounced to be “a tremendous success,” I responded as follows, slightly edited.
It is not only Putin’s appeal to Trump’s ego and insecurities that is winning the day for Russia; it is Trump’s fundamental ignorance of government and his role as president. It is also noteworthy that it was not just Putin who
cleaned his clock and instilled doubt in the findings of our intelligence agencies. Everywhere Trump went on this trip his clock was cleaned on matters of trade, winding up with his congratulations to China for, among other things, its success in enjoying the world’s greatest trade surplus (while we are by far the victim of the world’s greatest trade deficit, roughly 800 billion dollars per annum).
The final insult to our trade status came when some of the other countries involved in the TPP (from which he had withdrawn) announced to his face that they were going to go ahead with the such a treaty – and exclude us. This cements Chinese influence among such countries for years to come – at our expense. It appears that Trump’s insecurities, ego and ignorance (quite aside from his corrupted administration) are at odds with America’s goals and the aspirations of its people and that he needs to be removed from office as soon as the law allows.  (End of email).
Addendum – It appears that Trump’s recent slander of Africans as immigrants is playing into the hands of the Chinese once again since the Chinese are busily engaged in making economic deals by the dozen with African countries, including long term leases of land for agricultural purposes. Trump is persona non grata in the UK and has had to cancel his long-planned trip there for fear of massive rejection in the streets of London, whose Lord Mayor is a Muslim, but has invited himself to Davos to mingle with the richest people on earth at their upcoming meeting who, but for the fact that America is such a large market, would probably disinvite him from attending as well since he thrives on chaos and the superrich thrive on peaceful if greedy pursuit of profit.

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