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February 3, 2018


Trump has predecessors in history. The womanizer King Henry VIII, angered at the pope for not approving one of his divorces, started his own church, a church royalty and not the pope heads, and one which survives to this day with Queen Liz at its helm. King David of biblical fame send a general to his death because he was enchanted with the general’s wife. Then there was the Prince Edward-divorced Wally Simpson affair in the 30s and many others too numerous to note here, coming down even to yesterday’s confession of an affair by the mayor of Nashville.

My point is not to talk about who bedded who or provide moral cover with “Everybody’s doing it” (because everybody isn’t) but rather to suggest that Trump’s antics have a history. Our current problem is not Trump’s boudoir excesses; it is how such misconduct gives us a clue to his character and conduct in office, and his conduct in office can only be described as horrible even if he were a virgin.

We are particularly incensed by the contradiction of evangelicals whose assumed Puritanism does not brook such conduct but who are willing to give many mulligans to the sinner in exchange for a share of the power in achieving their ultimate goal of a Middle Ages amalgamation of church and state. Indeed our tut-tut campaign is not shared by millions of non-evangelicals or even among ourselves as many if not most Americans are into making a living and paying bills in the larger world outside the bedroom.

So where are we? Yes, Trump is an irreligious libertine, a liar, and is oblivious to the moral and ethical boundaries most of us profess to have even if we do not always follow them. I for one share the disdain for hypocritical evangelicals but am more concerned with what the sinner is doing in office and what I consider to be our number one problem > whether our democracy can withstand his antics not in the bedroom – but in the Oval Office.      GERALD       E


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  1. Niel Johnson permalink

    Jerry – As usual, you are on the mark.  Trump should be as subject to the consequences of the Me-too campaign as other harassers and gropers have been.  His preening self-promotion and deprecation of his predecessors and even of the Justice Department and the media continue unabated, and they will add weight to a movement that eventually should remove him from office.  So-called evangelicals who continue to back him should realize how much of a stain they are putting on genuine evangelicals.    Niel

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