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February 12, 2018


The New York Times reports this morning that Trump’s defense of the wives’ beating Portman is roiling the White House, but I don’t know why, based on his known attitudes toward women, all of whom are liars when accusing men (like himself) of sexual harassment and beatings. Why the shock?

Remember when Trump stopped by Manila recently on the way home from a trade trip to the Orient to visit and give positive recognition to the Filipino dictator Duterte, the guy who instructed his troops to shoot drug addicts on sight (speaking of due process)? Today the Washington Post  reports in summary as follows: “Duterte tells troops to use rape of women in conflicts and to shoot female rebels in their vaginas.”

Don is good at identifying and admiring murdering dictators such as Putin as “strong leaders,” so I think some enterprising news reporter should ask him if he approves of Duterte’s new policy and methods in assassinating both male and female opponents to his fascist regime. The question might go something like this > Is Duterte a “strong leader” who is trying to protect his nation’s national security, or is he just another tinhorn murdering dictator who uses any pretext real or manufactured to stomp out any and all dissent and semblance of democracy? Query #2 > Do you favor his specific means of stifling female dissent, and if not, considering your record, why not?   GERALD       E


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