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March 19, 2018


A large part of the current crisis has to do not with Trump but with the Republican failure to reign in his excesses, which are legion, daily, and deadly to our democracy – or what is left of it with his assaults. Apparently Republicans want to run their majority advantage as long as possible on behalf of their donor base, not recognizing or choosing not to recognize that when an authoritarian takes over our government and our democracy evaporates, their donor base they are so anxious to protect are along with the rest of us also totally subject to the whim of the authoritarian. By doing nothing about Trump, one can say in the broadest sense that those in the Republican leadership are complicit in the approaching destruction of our democracy – our most valuable asset held in common – and that their failure to reign in this wannabe dictator is the equivalent of a vote for Hitler in 1933 Germany.

Trump’s constant reiteration that Putin is “a strong leader” tells us that he would like to emulate such leadership, kill drug dealers a la the homicidal Filipino president etc., all signs of his not so hidden desire to take over the other two branches of our supposedly co-equal branches of government, folding their powers into that of the executive. When and if that happens, any pretense that we have a democracy is gone, and once democracy is gone it is very difficult to resurrect if not impossible in a police state setting. Let’s tell Republican politicians at both state and federal levels to clean up their Oval Office mess – or be swept aside by the approaching blue tsunami which is coming into view since, literally, our democracy is at stake.     GERALD       E

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