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April 17, 2018


Professor Kennedy in her blog today gave us research results showing that racism is at the bottom of our political crisis and invited commentary on what we can do about it. Following was my response, slightly edited, which I deemed worthy of broader distribution.

We know in our hearts and minds what our problems are and have long since identified them via research and experience. Marv today asks “What now?” and Peggy and Sheila answer such query today about what to do about it, to wit: leave the couch and vote as though our democracy depends upon it, because it does. It’s called turnout. We progressives first need to regain political power to end the current racist regime before we can do anything about race or most anything else.

With the current minority in power, including but not limited to such as Trump, Falwell, Hannity, and the Big Money mob it will not be easy, but neither was Valley Forge nor (as I can testify) was the South Pacific of 1944-45. As Peggy and Sheila tell us, and to endlessly reiterate, it’s about turnout.

We Democrats are by far in the majority but subject to apathy and voter suppression. We can end such sorry episodes in American history as Hannity (Trump’s Goebbels) and other such daily atrocities by focusing our energy and resources to reintroduce sanity to government via turnout – and let me write that again – turnout. Prefer fascism over democracy (however flawed)? Stay home.     GERALD      E

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