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April 27, 2018


Deep state pretense, ALEC and bigotry are red meat for liberals, just as supposed Second Amendment rights are to the opposition, but I think we are spinning our wheels on the only real issue up for grabs, i.e., who gets to exercise political power – Democrats or Republicans. Sure, discussion of the issues, putdowns of the Kochs and Mercers, party infighting etc. are welcome among Democrats, but that all comes to naught if Republicans control our government (think taxes, the environment, the corruption of Trumpism, the loss of our democracy etc.).

No political party can be thought of as perfect considering the checkered population such a party represents, of course, but as I often write, if you think the Democratic Party is bad, take a look at the Republican Party – especially since Citizens United gave judicial approval to that party’s purchase by Big Money. Truth be told, there is no Republican Party in existence these days; rather there is a Big Money Party with their lackeys masquerading as Republicans with the colossal gall to pretend they are the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower. So let’s discuss the role of the Democratic Party this fall but save our vitriol for those of the Big Money Party, who richly (pun intended) deserve it.     GERALD      E

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