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May 18, 2018


Professor Kennedy in her blog today admits that she is generally not impressed with the haughty and wordy responses of George Will but felt his description of our vice president to be accurate even if a dictionary were necessary to understand what he said. She asked for commentary, and following was my contribution, slightly edited. I agreed with her, taking a page out of Pence’s playbook (the bible) to reinforce Will’s put-downs of Pence. My contribution >

I, too, am no fan of George Will, but I thought his description of Pence a good one. Like most people, I also like opinions that agree with mine and decry those that do not. In this case, however, I cannot understand how anybody of any political, gender or racial stripe can buy into this obvious and disgusting toadie, a Mr. Clean slathering for power by enlisting the shadow of the cross.

Religion is his cover, and whether real, an opiate or delusion, is the tool with which he manipulates voters to vote against those terrible baby-killing libertine communists posing as liberals when his pretended stance on such matters kills more babies AND women in back-alley pursuits of the latters’ constitutional rights as defined by Roe. His stance on kicking the poor when they are down is also at total odds with the oft-repeated one held by Jesus, his hero of all time. Truth be told, he resembles the antichrist as described in theological lore and is worse than Trump in the sense that Trump’s “sins” are out in the open for all to see while his lusts for power are hidden under the cloak of the gentle Nazarene. Will, haughty speech and all, was right. Pence is a phony.     GERALD      E












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