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TRUMP AND G-6, G-7 and G-8

June 9, 2018

TRUMP AND G-6, G-7 and G-8

I am quite concerned about Trump’s upcoming trip to the G-7 conference and use the G-6, G-7 and G-8 terms advisedly, to wit: G-6 if the group kicks us out or Trump decides to withdraw, G-7 if they don’t and Trump decides to remain in it, and G-8 if nothing happens and Russia is readmitted, as recommended by Trump in a proposal that is DOA with the rest of our allies in the group. Russia was kicked out of the group upon Putin’s annexation of the Crimea, an act of aggression that still rankles among members of that group who continue to demand that Putin leave that peninsula and eastern Ukraine.

Apparently such acts of aggression are meaningless to Trump what with his endorsement of Russian readmission to the (currently) G-7 group, and whether such endorsement springs out of ignorance, headline grabbing, a desire to sew discord and confusion among our allies, or some really deep stuff Putin has hanging over his head, and I do mean deep, deep enough to engender Trump’s apparent treason which he covers with bluster and bravado and which Republicans do nothing about, I am not privy.

NATO was formed as a countervailing force to stop Russian aggression in Europe. Trump has engaged in putdowns galore of NATO and has been very friendly with Putin for no discernible policy reason, finally culminating in his proposal for Russian readmission to the group that Putin be in effect rewarded for his aggression in the Crimea and Ukraine, and with the Baltic States next on Putin’s menu if he and Trump can pull this coup off in a game in which Trump runs blocking back for Putin’s grabs in Europe and elsewhere.

We have a Captain Ahab steering our ship of state and Obama is his “Great White Whale.” He may or may not be a racist but he knows racism sells and, being primarily a salesman, is peddling this nonsense to the gullible for political purposes. He is a man with an addled state of mind who knows little and has no interest in learning. He cavorts with China, Russia and now even North Korea while taking potshots at our allies (especially Macron, Merkel and May) via trade wars and personal insult with the seeming intent to cover up the massive corruption in his administration and his deep collusion with Russian interests in his election, an election result that Clapper now says would not have happened but for such Russian interference. He continues to follow Bannon’s admittedly Leninist view of “deconstruction of the administrative state,” which is shorthand for destruction of American democracy, our most important asset held in common and one of the last few things we have left worth dying for.

Trump is not running the country through any coherent policy scheme (other than further enriching the rich and impoverishing the rest of us) but is rather floating along with day to day – by the seat of your pants edicts via tweeted insults, punitive and selective tariffs, pardon photo-ops etc. etc. etc. He has to go  or we and our democracy have to go, one or the other, and his removal should be a bipartisan exercise if Republicans choose to live up to the traditions of some of their ethical leaders such as Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Ford. What is your response to this challenge, Republicans? Are you statesmen and women or are you pipsqueaks willing to watch our democracy go down the drain? Your call.     GERALD         E


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