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June 10, 2018


Today Kim and Trump have arrived in Singapore for what the media has described as “historic talks.” I disagree. Both are amateurs, and amateurs don’t have “historic talks,” even with the advice of experts in the field of foreign relations, whom both Kim and Trump as narcissists will ignore rather than share the spotlight. Kim can have his disagreeable domestic advisers shot for treason, and (so far) Trump can only disparage or fire his expert help.

Kim is a dictator and Trump is a wannabe dictator; Kim has won his objective of just having a meeting with Trump (which validates his importance) and Trump, as usual, cares only about the appearance rather than the substantive result of such “historic talks” in his narcissistic haze and is angling for a me-me-me Nobel Peace Prize.  (Can’t let Obama get one without being matched, you know.) Everything, including nuclear war, must take a back seat to me-me-me in Trump’s twisted otherworld of terminal narcissism.

Unduly cynical in view of the enormous stakes involved, Gerald E? I wish I were, but my experience with our illegitimate, corrupt and lying president over the past 18 months tells me it is time to speak truth to power whatever the setting, and that a good argument can be made that the bigger the stakes the more reason to speak up, hence this commentary.

Trump, again as usual (see the G-7 Quebec Conference), is making threats in advance of the “historic talks” to the effect that this is “a one-shot deal” for Kim. Such threats may have already poisoned the possibility of success of the “talks,” and while Trump will call it a tactic, he fails to recognize that he is talking down to a fellow narcissist – a no-no in Kim’s otherworld. Narcissists do not cotton to intimidation, and if the “historic talks” fail or are drawn out interminably, it may well be such pre-talk intimidation from Trump that did the trick. Thanks, Don. . .

Let’s take a look at a few of these “experts” and newsmen who are accompanying Trump on this historic mission, since that tells us what ammunition Trump expects to have at hand as a show of force. He has his “War at all costs” stern and hairy-faced John Bolton along, presumably to instill fear into Kim that a military strike is just around the corner if he does not accede to all of Trump’s demands. He has Hannity along to broadcast to Fox World what a consummate diplomat Trump proved to be and how (whatever the outcome) Trump’s skills deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for having blunted Kim’s threat to world peace with his contribution (in propaganda reminiscent to that of Goebbels in lauding der fuehrer in another day). Oh, and incidentally, Dennis Rodman is expected to be in Singapore, perhaps to lend his diplomatic expertise to the show.

With all the foregoing, I hope I am wrong. The stakes are indeed high. I hope Trump (whatever his tactics and other shortcomings) does succeed in these talks leading to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. While I have faint hope for his success, miracles do happen, and let’s all hope for the sake of humanity that the “historic talks” are “historic” and that a miracle happens in Singapore.     GERALD      E

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