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June 22, 2018


Anybody smell a coup, or have I fallen prey to a conspiracy theory on steroids when witnessing what is going on in America these days?  A hypothesis becomes fact if the evidence warrants it, and I am beginning to think that the evidence of a possible coup is gathering steam with every new unrestrained atrocity committed by this administration these days. How did the possibility of an overthrow of the United States Government and treason in high places occur to me and what is the evidence to date for such a possible attempt? Are Bannon Trump’s Himmler, Fox his Goebbels and some forty percent of Americans his cult base? How far along on the spectrum of descent into one-man rule are we in America today, and why are “We the People” allowing it?

Trump’s terminal narcissism demands that he be worshipped. Lying is not lying in his world; it is merely “an alternative view of reality.” He now has great power and I think he is unlikely to peacefully surrender such power due to the mere outcome of an election though as a candidate he really didn’t know how to lay the groundwork for seizing power if elected until becoming acquainted with the libertarian Mercers’ choice of Bannon as his prime adviser. Bannon has since been fired but his influence lingers on – and what was and is his influence yet today? Is this to be a replay of the 1930s in Germany with the Nazi power grab of Hitler? I see similarities.

Bannon, an admitted Leninist, is in favor of “deconstruction of the administrative state,” which is shorthand for destruction of American democracy. Lenin had his Bolshevik Party anoint him dictator, murdered the tsar and tsarina and their children, thus ending the Romanov Dynasty, and then proceeded to murder millions of Russians along with his successor, Josef Stalin, killing so-called “White Russians” and others who did not agree with their communist ideology. In order to install communism, the then government of Russia had to be destroyed via “deconstruction of the administrative state.”  Lenin and his Bolsheviks succeeded, thus drawing the admiration of Bannon.

Evidence > Trump demands loyalty, not competence, one of the marks of a dictator. He has roiled international markets with his trade and tariff bluster and openly admires murdering dictators in Russia and North Korea; he has withdrawn from the Paris Accord; he has put down our NATO alliance designed to stop Russian aggression while approving Putin’s annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine; he has insulted the leadership of our allies in re their domestic policies, he has roughed up immigrants seeking asylum and kidnapped their children and, among other such atrocities, has consistently lied about anything and everything without apology though, contrary to his view, there is no alternative to truth-telling outside his narcissistic otherworld.  It seems to me that such conduct and misconduct has the odor of a coming coup, and for those who say it can’t happen here, that’s what the Romanovs said in Russia and the Good Germans said in the 1930s, and we know how that turned out.

So how as a practical matter do wannabe dictators become dictators after successful propaganda has the “administrative state” teetering? You start trouble in the streets (see Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag) and then come in with “law and order” forces to restore order, and guess what? The storm troopers and gestapo stay around long after law and order are restored. Result? You are living in a dictatorship where all legislative and judicial powers reside in an executive with unchecked powers.

While I sense the odor of a coup, I hope my olfactory cues have misled me since, as I often write, our democracy is one of the last few things left worth dying for, as millions have, but that without it “We the People” are not citizens but mere ATMs in the service of the few, which I define as dictatorship.

Can’t happen here? That’s what the “Good Germans” and “White Russians” thought. It can happen anywhere when citizens allow threats to their always fragile democracy to go unchecked, so let’s end this current threat to our democracy because, contrary to propaganda of the few, the issue is whether we are to have a democracy, which is not a political issue but rather an existential issue. As thus framed, it’s a matter of choice, i.e., Trump or democracy. I have made my choice. What’s yours?     GERALD       E


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  1. Dee permalink

    Whether or not your political olfactory is right, your observations are. We cannot become accustomed to such behavior or it’s simply a matter of time. VOTE in 2018 – it’s a start!

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