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July 5, 2018


I understand that several Republican senators have gone to Russia to, I hope, see the finals of the World Cup in soccer, rather than to pay homage to the murdering dictator of a failed state and to lend credence to the legitimacy of his government. Putin’s known interference in our 2016 election is a mere shadow of how he interferes with elections in Russia that keep him and his surrogates in office.

Russian democracy and elections following the dismemberment of the Soviet Union are bad jokes and mere fronts for Putin and his thieving oligarchs to strip Russia and its citizens of the country’s natural and other resources and launder the results into Western assets via, notably, the Bank of Cyprus, a “bank” that was once co-managed with a Russian friend of Putin along with Trump’s now Secretary of Commerce, Ross (the “shorter” extraordinaire). Trump was and may still be in on the money laundering kill with phony sales of real estate to Russian oligarchs at prices far beyond market value and loans of millions from Deutsche Bank, a confessed and multi-fined money launderer who made him loans when no other bank in New York would do so. I have to wonder whether Trump appointed Ross to the post of Secretary of Commerce to shut him up or if he wanted a trustworthy person in that office, or both, since such office is in charge of enforcing (or not) congressional sanctions on such states as Russia and Iran.

So what is a failed state? Some say it is a state whose institutions have failed and cannot govern itself. It falls a la Rome and others. I think the definition depends upon who is offering it. Thus from the average Russian’s point of view, he or she may be said to be living in a failed state, a state whose oil and timber and other resources are being stripped by Putin and his band of thieves and whose resulting troves are taxed and/or reintroduced into the Russian economy not by citizen vote but by the thieves who are sending their piece of the action through the Rosses and Trumps of this world (perhaps through layers of trustees to avoid disclosure) to more stable political and economic environments – and if Russia is not a failed state even by conventional definition, how far is that country away from becoming one?

I note in passing that Trump with his authoritarian grabs of power and reckless tax giveaways to the already rich at the expense of the rest of us and our progeny is following a similar trajectory and that both our economy and our democracy are at risk as a result of this and other deliberate attempts by Trump to withdraw from trade and security agreements and our formerly preeminent position as world leader which, among other things, set the stage for the expansion of democracy, without which we and others are easy prey for the Putins, Trumps, Lenins, Stalins, Hitlers, and other despots to fill the vacuum thus created.

So who paid for the senators’ and their staffs’ trip to Moscow during senatorial recess? What was the purpose? I understand they wanted to talk to Putin but that he said he was too busy and blew them off. So what was gained? Did they want to look at the form of government there that Trump apparently wishes to bring to America, where the legislative and judicial branches are chattels of the executive, where Madison’s tri-partite separate but equal branches are neither separate nor equal but are totally subject to the whim of the executive? Dictatorship > is this our fate?

I do not understand Trump’s and the Republican Party’s affectionate fixation with a fourth-rate country run by a dictator whose economy if far below even that of one of our states, California, whose economy is fourth in the entire world. It must be because they have a-bombs, but so do India and Pakistan, among others. If that is the criterion, they why not worship them? I think it must have to do with blackmail, but will wait on Mueller’s report for confirmation. Meanwhile, let’s resist tyranny from anywhere, foreign or domestic, as we did 242 years ago yesterday.      GERALD        E







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