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July 23, 2018


Webster’s Dictionary, among others, defines an emolument as a “gain.” It is noteworthy that the Founders used the word in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, the article defining the executive’s constitutional powers and responsibilities, the word appearing otherwise in Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution applicable to the constitutional duties of the Congress having to do with serving in any civil office newly created with an increase in emolument during such time, which is immaterial to this essay, an essay which will rather deal with executive gain from China through a twisted and suspiciously conspiratorial route in the Congress.

It seems the Founders anticipated that the executive would be more subject to bribery (gain) than the legislative branch though lately with Citizens United and the Kochs and Mercers in charge of our electoral processes and outcomes that may not prove to be true. It seems that both the executive and legislative branches these days are involved in equal opportunity bribing, euphemistically called “campaign contributions.” How do we know? Follow the money – AND the votes AND Trump’s signatures. If it walks like a duck, quacks like. . . . .

Here are the blunt facts, succinctly stated > A Chinese corporation (I will not mention the name) was rightfully sanctioned by the Congress for its activities that were found to be a threat to our national security. The Chinese government complained loudly that the sanctions unless removed would signal the end of such corporation, that its employees would be unemployed, along with associated tales of woe. Trump intervened, said he was worried about Chinese unemployment, had the Republican-led Congress reconsider and remove the sanctions on the promise that the Chinese corporation would be good from now on, and the forgiven corporation is back in business, and then, guess what?

We learned that the Chinese government decided to back a Trump investment in Indonesia to the tune of five hundred million dollars shortly before the Congress removed the sanctions and so far as I am concerned, thereby renewed the threat to our national security.  Was that a “gain” under the emolument language of the Constitution or just an outright bribe? I think it was both but clearly a bribe and clearly a gain for Trump and perhaps a bribe of certain members of the Republican-led Congress as well. It is unfortunate that this disgusting sellout of our national security cannot be included in Mueller’s Russian portfolio for investigation and even more disgusting that the Sessions-led DOJ has not suggested the naming of another special counsel to investigate this blatant crime committed in broad daylight.

The reader will recall that Trump said he was worried about Chinese unemployment if sanctions on this Chinese corporation were not removed. What! What about American unemployment (which is set to increase with Trump’s tariff games)? What about America’s national security? Would this guy sell America down the river for money? Consider the evidence, not only in this seditious instance, but in his general demeanor in the presence of Putin and secret giveaways of who knows what in the recently concluded Helsinki disaster (in which Putin now tells us that Trump – a loose and ignorant cannon – approved his annexation of Crimea and his invasion of Ukraine) and, if so, does that signal the end of NATO? Are we standing relatively mute while this greedhog gives away the free world to racists and dictators? Is America (whose institutions Trump incessantly criticizes) on the way out?

We the People need to wake up and quit moaning about the lack of Republican leadership in standing up for America. They are not standing up for America; they are co-conspirators, as proven by their abandonment of our national security for gain. What happened in the Congress leading up to Chinese backing of Trump’s Indonesian investment at the cost of our national security amounts not to politics but to conspiracy for gain aka bribes, and if proven, all involved should be indicted and jailed – but good luck with a DOJ headed by Sessions, whose Russian recusal does not include this obvious case of bribery.

We, my fellow Americans, are drowning in a sea of corruption the likes of which the Teapot Dome, Watergate, and Gilded Age scandals collectively pale. What now, beyond voting these racketeering thugs out of Congress November 6 – if our teetering democracy lasts that long? General strike? Lawsuits? What?      GERALD       E


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