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July 31, 2018


This morning I awakened, heated my coffee and turned on the TV to check out the latest atrocities emanating from the nation’s capital courtesy of one Trump.  I was not disappointed, as it were. First I heard that Trump’s former campaign manager was going on trial today. Then I heard that Trump was re-threatening to shut the government down unless the Congress gave him funding for his wall. Next I heard that Trump wanted a new tax bill that would give another $100 billion to the rich in addition to the gift to the rich of some 1.5 trillion (before increasing rates of interest) last December and a recent  promise of $12 billion to soybean farmers whose market has crashed due to his tariff games (all of which will be added to our national debt at interest since we refuse to tax the rich);  then I heard that his statement yesterday that he would speak to the leader of Iran without preconditions has been corrected with preconditions set forth by our Secretary of State – and all this before 8:00 A.M. – with the day hardly begun. I shuddered to think of what new atrocities would be committed before sundown, but hope to be disappointed, so to speak.

I thought of this cesspool of corruption and mindless blathering about diplomacy and tariffs and it occurred to me that any one of these scandals (and there are many more) would in former times have been cause to consider removal of such a corrupt, ignorant and lying chief executive. The reader may recall that Hillary was roundly castigated for her use of the term “deplorables.” Compare that to some of the language you have heard from the mouth of Trump, who insults literally everyone except, of course, his narcissistic self, Putin and other murdering dictators, whom he reveres as “strong leaders”.

However, these are not “former times” and it further occurred to me that we have become so accustomed to right and wrong in this ocean of corruption as defined in Trump’s Otherworld that we have lost sight of what right and wrong are in the relatively sane world we inhabited in the past, instead flirting with an Otherworld Trump has fashioned in which alternative reality has become the new reality; lying is merely an alternative method of treating fact; morality is a false construct; greed is good etc. Taken as a whole, such views of who we are, what we stand for and our vision for America and its people cannot co-exist with such narcissistic fashioning of the real and factual world to conform to the wishes of narcissists. Something has to give.

So why are we dithering? Why are we allowing this to go on when to do so only encourages a sick man to continue his destruction of our hard-earned democracy and world order at an accelerated pace with his roiling of international markets and distortions of our economy? This is not a Democrat-Republican thing where one takes one side or the other based upon differing political stances; this is a rapidly approaching existential state of affairs, with China and Russia standing by cheering him on so they can take the tiller and run the world as our democracy evaporates and we become subordinate to the wishes of the new world’s rulers – and while we dither.

It is time that Democrats and Republicans throw aside their policy differences and unite as Americans to save our democracy “from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” We may not have much more time to “dither,” and if we pull a 5th century Roman downfall with a 21st century United States that are not united anymore, it won’t make any difference what one’s policy stances are, whether one is rich or poor, black or white, Democrat or Republican, as we sink into oblivion and become a vassal state for new world leaders to exploit. Think about it. We have rightly diagnosed this cancer in our midst. Let’s excise it, end our Otherworld visit, re-impose order in our markets, and proceed to lead the world in standing as a beacon of democracy, and let’s do it now.       GERALD        E

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