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August 4, 2018


I have been advocating RICO treatment for those in this ocean of corruption in the Oval Office for some months now (see money laundering, Russian oligarch money for Trump’s campaign siphoned through the NRA etc. etc. etc.) since we are clearly dealing with racketeering on a massive scale both domestically and internationally (see indictment of 13 Russian nationals, so far), but it won’t happen so long as Trump dominates the prosecution, i.e., Sessions and the DOJ. However, it appears from what we know that Mueller as special counsel is doing a good job but unlike Trump, tries his cases in the courtroom rather than via tweet, that Trump’s campaign manager (Manafort) is likely to be convicted in a trial now in progress, and that this conviction of one of Trump’s inner circle will not be the last.

Trump, with all of his false bravado, inane claims by his lawyers and his continuing and open obstruction of justice in calling for an end to the “witch hunt” in which he is plainly implicated, is scared, and well he should be, and is trying to cover such fears with bluster, bullying, tariff games, and other such conduct designed to divert our attention, a methodology which has served him well in the past, but the past is past. He, at least some of his family, and probably most of his inner circle of “advisers” with Russian connections are likely going to be prosecuted, and unless immunized or given no time in exchange for their testimony by Mueller, are quite possibly going to wind up in prison, which is where they belong if convicted.

Some tweeters are saying that we should ignore Trump’s tweets and his speeches to his base. I disagree. Not only is he entitled to his rights under the First Amendment; he is openly committing the crime of obstruction of justice with such prattle and we should not get in the way of a prospective defendant’s public admissions of guilt. Let him talk, because he may hear such tweets and speeches later in front of 12 people and/or a Congress who will decide that his residence in the Oval Office has come to an end.

A sitting president cannot be prosecuted for a crime? Tell me how that argument would fare if Trump, tired of the angry crowds outside the White House fence, took an AK-15 and mowed down 30 of them, and then walked back to the White House for his cheeseburger and Diet Coke. A sitting president cannot be indicted for a crime because the exclusive remedy is his removal from office via his impeachment and conviction? Where does it say or imply that in the Constitution? The more applicable provisions of the Constitution in this corrupt administration are those that deal with sedition and treason.

So where are we? How to excise this cancer on the body politic before our democracy goes down the drain and we (literally) risk the status of a failed state? I say stay the course, respect the rule of law, prosecute anyone and everyone who violates criminal statutes whatever their status, and thereby flesh out another constitutional mandate – Equal Protection of the Laws.      GERALD       E


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