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August 23, 2018


Old adages such as “Birds of a feather, flock together,” and “You are known by the company you keep” have application to subsets of human society as well. Thus Baptists “flock together,” Republicans “flock together,” capitalists “flock together,” and now it seems that crooks and lovers of all things Russian are flocking together around Putin’s puppet in the Oval Office. Unfortunately and unlike migratory waterfowl, these crooks and lovers of all things Russians do not migrate; they rather follow the money, and the money these days whether by tax cut or libertarian non-government here or theft of Russian resources by Putin and his oligarchs in the Russian Federation is in the hands and/or under the control of Trump, Putin, and their merry bands of oligarchs, aka Wall Street and Russian money launderers.

In our country we have an illegitimate president with a convicted felon who headed up his campaign, a “president” whose lawyer has pled guilty to bank fraud and who has testified under oath that Trump directed him to commit election financing fraud, a “president” who tells us that he believes a murdering dictator’s word that he did not interfere in our last election over that of a unanimous finding of all of our intelligence agencies because Putin “said some nice things about me,” thus setting a new standard of authenticity in foreign relations where adulation real or pretended trumps realpolitik.

This denial of reality by a “president” would be akin to FDR’s defense of Japan by telling us that Pearl Harbor didn’t happen, which would have been in consonance with Trump’s denial that Putin interfered with our election, a denial that also sets a new standard in our real world as dictated by Trump’s narcissistic Otherworld, to wit: It didn’t happen unless I say it happened. My response? Is there a doctor in the house, preferably one trained in psychiatry?

Since not only do birds of a feather flock together but you are known by what company you keep, let’s look at Trump’s campaign “company.” Important members of his campaign, perhaps even a majority of them, had/have Russian connections, and Mueller has convicted some of them and indicted some of the others while yet others are still under investigation. He has also indicted 13 Russians for interference in our last election, 12 of whom are in Russia and in no danger of extradition by Putin to American court rooms (but which could be at Putin’s direction even though we have no extradition treaty with Russia). These are the “company” Trump keeps, so how is he to be known in our real world and not in his Otherworld of phantasy?

He is to be known as what he clearly is, a sick grasper for praise, money and power, a “president” who fashions his pursuit of such goals in a narcissistic Otherworld he is trying to superimpose on the real world where you and I live. I do not wish him well in his endeavor.     GERALD         E

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