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October 18, 2018


Professor Kennedy in a recent blog gave us a thumbnail sketch of Republican history since Nixon to explain today’s continuing loss of genuine conservatives from the Republican Party, asking for commentary. The following, slightly edited, was mine.

Gingrich (who was denied tenure at West Georgia College prior to moving on in politics) and his successors Trump and McConnell treat voters as widgets to be used and not as citizens to be served.

I read recently that the difference between French and American voters is that the French politicians are scared of the French people but that the American people are scared of American politicians. The French people in 1789 and during the Reign of Terror gave their politicians and monarchists good reason to be permanently scared of “the people,” which may explain why general strikes in France yet today succeed so often.

Here we complain about Citizens United and tax codes among ourselves but our politicians are not scared of us and proceed to do their own thing as though we did not exist. Perhaps it’s time to construct miniature guillotines along the sidewalk of the Kremlin Annex and turn our Luddites loose on our robotized factories to remind our politicians that we and not they are (per Lincoln) sovereign and that the current “Reign of Terror” being conducted by Trump is destined to be a loser to our militant democracy.

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