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November 14, 2018


Professor Sheila S. Kennedy in her blog today points out the need for a rewrite of our Constitution in order to meet the needs of the times. She is right to discuss ending of the electoral college and other artifacts that once had meaning but do not now. She asked for commentary and the following, which expanded on her topic and slightly edited, was mine.

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that we not only need to bring our Constitution up to date but that with the impact of globalization we need a global constitution, especially given a planet that is heating and flooding. Thus what happens in Brazilian rainforests and mining near salmon streams are concerns of the whole world and not just those in the immediate vicinity.

Multinational corporations, of course, would denounce such an arrangement because it would remove their opportunities to exploit local politics with bribes in one form or another. (See the New York-Amazon “win” just announced.) National politicians would also be defanged with an enforceable world constitution as well, so I understand that my suggested global constitution may now be labeled a pipedream what with cries of sovereignty from national politicians who do not want to lose their powers in governing individual states. Nonetheless, I think it a possibility as the oceans further acidify, Miami is underwater and oxygen is at a premium. We humans are not inclined to take definitive action until the emergencies are in our faces, but in this case we would do well to understand that a tardy response may be too late to remedy this out of control emergency.

So, a reconfiguration of our Constitution in need of repair to fit the times? Yes, and while we go about it, how about UN discussions on the possibility of a global constitution that also fits the times, as it were? Meanwhile, the terminal capitalists among us will no doubt be investing in the Colorado Rockies for the housing rush to high ground and the good fishing in Lake Kansas as the rest of us adjust the deck chairs on our planetary Titanic.        GERALD        E

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